Beijing Badaling Ski Resort

Beijing Badaling Ski Resort is located about two kilometers west of the Badaling Great Wall, with a total area of ​​3 million square meters and an estimated investment of 300 million yuan. In the first phase of the project, two 800-meter-long primary slides, two 600-meter intermediate slides, one 800-meter-long 120-meter drop-level advanced slide, and a 2,300-meter can be called the longest snowmobile track in Beijing and two The 300-meter-long flying butterfly road on snow is wonderful! It will bring you the magnificent scenery of the Mountain Dance Silver Snake and the lively galloping experience. In addition, dog sleds, bungee jumping, snow saunas, self-service ice sculptures, trekking glacier hunting, crossing ice lakes and other recreational projects are exciting! Bring you unprecedented unprecedented excitement and strange exotic atmosphere.

1. Jinghe Expressway (Badaling Expressway) Qinghe Toll Station enter the expressway to Exit 18 of Badaling, turn left along the exit of the safari parking lot, and go straight west for 3 kilometers.

2. After the Third Ring Road or the Fourth Ring Road turns into the Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, enter the Fifth Ring Road, enter the Badaling Expressway from Shangqing Station, and then follow the above route (1), which is convenient for guests in eastern Beijing.

3. Northbound of the Fourth Ring Road Wanquanhe Bridge, turn left along Yongfeng South Road, turn left into Beiqing Road, turn left at Wenquan intersection, pass Yangfang to South Exit, enter Badaling Expressway, and then follow route (1), which is convenient. Guests located in western Beijing.

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