Beihai Yintan Tourist Resort

Beihai Yintan Tourist Resort is located on the southern coast of Beihai City, 8 kilometers away from Beihai City. Yintan starts from the fishing port of Qiaogang Town in the west, and reaches the Daguansha in the east. It consists of the western, eastern and sea ​​areas. About 38 square kilometers. The beaches are all stacked with high-quality quartz sand. Under the sun, the white and delicate beaches will glow with silver light. Therefore, it is called Silver Beach. The waves are soft and shark -free is known as China s first beach.

Beihai Yintan Resort is composed of three vacation units (Yintan Park, Beach Park, Hengli Ocean Sports Resort and Entertainment Center), and land-side residential villas and hotels. Beach bathing, sea sports, beach golf, volleyball, football and other beach sports , as well as large music fountain viewing, tourism and entertainment are the main contents of the Beihai Yintan Tourist Resort.

The sea in the resort area is pure in sea water, rich in land and vegetation, elegant and quiet, and the air is exceptionally fresh. Because it has the characteristics of flat beach, fine white sand, clean water temperature, soft waves, and no sharks. , It can accommodate the largest international beach sports and entertainment projects, and is the most ideal beach in southern China. And marine sports venues. Furthermore, the baths are wide, the seawater ebbs fast, the tide is slow, the beach has strong self-purification ability, the swimming safety factor is high, the seawater transparency is greater than 2 meters, more than double the average standard of China s coastal seawater, the annual average water temperature is 23.7 ℃, and there are more than 9 per year You can swim in the water in the month. In the park, the content of negative ions in the air is 50 to 1000 times that of mainland cities. The air is especially fresh. It is the most suitable health environment for patients wit h various chronic and senile diseases. It is an ideal beach and health resort with the reputation of Southern Beidaihe.

Yintan Park has different styles of towers and pavilions; tree-lined trails twist and stretch; coconut trees are unique. Walking along the seawall, the sea and the sky are white, and the white clouds are dazzling. There is also Guantouling in the southwest , with lush forests and verdant greens, like a green dragon lying on the seashore, with steep walls near the sea, strange peaks and caves, ascending the sunset and sunrise, and leaning against the wall to see the sea.

An ecological square is built in the park, with unique shapes and beautiful lines; lush flowers and trees, and lush greenery. There are more than 30 buildings and towers with different coastal characteristics and different styles; tree-lined trails that stretch out and stretch ; and reflect the spirit of Beihai people Large-scale sculptures of the sea-love; a coconut forest with unique southern style; a large sky boat, high-altitude speeding car, exotic bird performances, Vietnamese ethnic style performances, Russian style performances, and skydiving for tourists Performing projects can enjoy superb performance skills, can fight the sea surface, or walk along the sea wall, where the sea and the sky are connected, the sails are a little bit: the waves are rolling, the white clouds are blossoming, it is as if you are in a fairyland, relaxed and happy.

The climate of Beihai is generally very good. There are many days in SUNNY throughout the year. You can always see the blue sky, which is very suitable for beach vacations.

The winter here is shorter (December to February of the next year), and the summer is longer (May to November). The spring and autumn seasons are not obvious and the time is short.

Winter In winter, when the sunshine time is long, the temperature will increase during the day and it will be warm. Occasionally during the Spring Festival, people here can wear shirts and skirts to walk around the street.

It is still hot in summer (at least outdoors), but it will be very cool in the shade of the trees, and the sea breeze blows across it, which is very comfortable. It s usually cool at night. If you live in a high-rise building, you don t even need to turn on the fans and air conditioners. The summer dress is no different from other cities in the country. Pay attention to sun protection at the beach;

No need to wear cotton clothes or woolen pants in winter, but sometimes the temperature drops to 6-7 degrees, and most hotels do not have heating, friends in the north may feel uncomfortable. (Vietnam s tourist destinations generally have a slightly higher temperature of 1-2 degrees in summer and almost the same as the North Sea in winter)

Beihai has relatively developed transportation. The urban area is composed of a wide and straight main road, which forms an orderly urban road network system, and forms a grand urban framework. Beihai Port has trade relations with 216 ports in 98 countries and regions in the world;

Beihai Airport was completed and used in 1987 and is one of the three major airports in Guangxi. It is currently being expanded in accordance with the 4E-class international airport standard. Recently, the new terminal building has been included in the key projects of the western development. The Li-Zhan Railway is connected and communicates with the national railway network, making Beihai a channel to the southwest of the Great Southwest; the North-South Second Highway was completed and opened to traffic in 1989. The highway from Guilin via Nanning to Beihai to Zhanjiang has been opened to traffic. The Beihai-Yulin high-grade highway is under construction. The three-dimensional sea, land and air transportation network makes Chinese and foreign tourists visiting Beihai feel quick and convenient. The city s transportation is well developed, and there are public transportation facilities directly to various attractions. You can choose a taxi (Xiali, Kia, cheap, starting price 5 yuan, 1.4 yuan / km after two kilometers, Santana, Fukang, Chery, Jetta starting 7 yuan, 1.8 yuan / km after two kilometers); The bus is clean and comfortable, and there are few people and it is comfortable, but there are fewer lines. The fare is generally 1-1.5 yuan, coin-operated on board; tricycle (for two people) can be parked on demand, about 4 yuan for three kilometers

Transportation: Take the bus from Guangzhou to Yangjiang and take the bus at the provincial bus station. The first bus leaves at 7:30, and it departs every hour with a fare of 60 yuan. The air-conditioned car of the Second Automobile Company is luxurious, comfortable and extremely loose, and the driving time is 3.5 hours. The last train back to Guangzhou is 19:30, and the fare is 50 yuan. There are also other companies last trains that are more than 9 pm and the fare is 70 yuan.

You can take a car to Zhapo from Liyang River to Yin Beach. The old road passes through Hepu, and the air-conditioned CMB marked with Muli can reach Yinhai City. You can get a ticket every 10 minutes, clean, 8 or 7 yuan . Drive for 1 hour.

There are buses at the intersection of Beibuwan Road and Sichuan Road in the city. The fare is 1.5 yuan, and a taxi is about 15-20 yuan. You can also take a bus to Dianjian Village Beach in Qiaogang Town. The scenery is similar to Yintan, but tickets are not accepted. 

Baked chicken rice is the local flavor of Beihai. The chicken restaurant specializes in white chopped chicken (also known as white-cut chicken). The chicken is smooth and tender, and it is fragrant and fresh. Among them, the North Sea cuisine is mainly seafood, and the fat and savory customers can choose it. Shrimp, crab, and grouper are often available. There are many ways to eat, steamed, braised, fried, fried, boiled, sautéed, etc., all have their own flavors .. Looking at the sea and tasting seafood has become a must-do for tourists to come to Beihai.

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