Beidaihe Tourist Attractions

Beidaihe Waterfront is located in the west of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. The climate here is pleasant. Twenty miles long, tortuous and flat sandy beaches, soft and flat sand, backed by the lush trees of Lianfeng Mountain, the natural environment is beautiful. The Beidaihe seaside summer resort starts from the Daihekou in the west and Yingjiao Pavilion in the east, and is about 20 miles from east to west, and about 3 miles from north to south. In addition, Changli, which is more than 20 miles southwest of Beidaihe, was opened as a beach in 1985 and planned to be built as a new seaside summer resort. Beidaihe Beach has better sand and gentle slope, and is an excellent natural beach. In the twenty-four years of Guangxu of Qing Dynasty ( 1898), the Qing government opened the Beidaihe beach as a summer resort for people of all countries. By 1938, it had been built into a summer resort with a colonial color. After liberation, Beidaihe also built a lot of new rest homes , sanatoriums, restaurants, and guesthouses, which are larger in scale than in the past and have become China s larger and more complete beachside summer resorts.

Beibei Daihe Beach is backed by Lianfeng Mountain. Lianfeng Mountain is divided into east and west peaks, which are about 3 miles away. The mountains and cedar forests are lush and lush. The east Lianfeng Mountain is 130 meters above sea level. It is feasible from the mountain path to the mountain project Wanghai Pavilion. Overlooking the seashore, the lush green jungle, the goose-yellow blanket-like sandy beach, and the blue sea make people feel refreshed. Beidaihe is one of the nine places to observe the sun in Shenzhou. The Beidaihe Sun-viewing Office is located on the Beidaihe Beach, with the Eagle Point Pavilion at the northeast end as the best place.

In the foothills of Donglian Peak Mountain, there is a lotus stone. There is a large pine forest in the garden, and there are mountain stones shaped like lotus flowers, hence the name Lotus Stone Park. To the north is the quaint and quiet Guanyin Temple, and to the east is the burial ground of the magnificent Zhujia Tomb. There are Gorky Park and Lu Xun Park beside the seaside road. Yingjiao Stone at the east end is a great sight of Beidaihe. This is a lone peak standing on the seashore. The stone bones are steep and sharp. They are shaped like eagles. In the past, a group of wild pigeons once lived in the stone gap, so it is also called pigeon nest. On the mountain peak, there is the Eagle Horn Pavilion, which stands on top of it, and looks at the sea, the blue waves, the white waves, and the magnificence.

Transportation. Beidaihe is 380 kilometers away from Beijing and 243 kilometers away from Tianjin. The transportation is quite convenient. Take bus No. 5 from Beidaihe Railway Station or bus No. 3 or 4 from Qinhuangdao Railway Station and get off at Beidaihe Haibin Station.

食. Accommodation: Beidaihe has been a tourist attraction since ancient times. There are many high-end hotels to choose from, and there are also many small hotels and family hostels. The prices are relatively low, about 100 yuan.

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