Beibu Bay Plaza Tourist Attractions

Beibuwan Square is the largest and most characteristic Beihai city square in Beihai. Every corner of the square shows people a subtropical scenery. Around the square is Beihai s most prosperous business district. The five major shopping centers in Beihai are nearby. They are Qidong Shopping Center, Hualian Shopping Center, Baoyi Building, and Xinli Shopping Center.

The most striking thing in the square is the Southern Pearl Soul, the Beihai city carving that stands among them. We know that the city sculpture is a symbol of the city s spiritual style, and it also represents a cultural landscape. The design of the South Pearl Soul Sculpture was devised by Professor Ye Yushan, Dean of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts for three months, and created a dozen plans for discussion by the citizens. The base of Southern Pearl Soul is a 30-meter -diameter fountain, in which a three-sided pearl shell made of reinforced concrete is erected. The pearl oyster is 15 meters high, and the shell is open to three sides. It is inlaid with a stainless steel big pearl with a diameter of 1.4 meters. There are three bronze statues with a height of 3.5 meters in the pool. Throughout the statue, the author tries to use the pool, pearls, and people as materials to express the profound theme of symbolizing the sea, pearls, and laborers.

The magnificent and profound meaning of Lunan Pearl Soul sculpture can be regarded as the landmark of Beihai. Beibuwan Plaza has become a good place for the citizens of Beihai to relax and stroll. Tourists from other places have also loved this place because she is full of the atmosphere of the Pearl City and is full of strong coastal garden city style.

When staying in Beihai, you must be by the sea. Furama Hotel Beihai, a three-star hotel located by the sea, has convenient environment and transportation. It is located at No. 31 Chating Road. Nanzhu Hotel, west of the coach station, about 5 minutes by car.

九叔 鸡饭 Beihai has a special type of rice called chicken rice, which is made by using Beihai native chicken. This kind of chicken skin has yellow bones and red bones. The taste is very good. The chicken blood boiled mustard soup here is also first-rate.

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