Baxian Mountain National Nature Reserve [Jin County, Tianjin]

Baxian Mountain is 30 kilometers northeast of Jixian City. It is located in the heart of Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and Chengde. It is bordered by the magnificent Eastern Tombs of the East in the east, the towering Huangyaguan Great Wall in the west, and the emerald lake in the south. Wuling Mountain, which is extremely dangerous in the north, is the highest terrain in Tianjin, where the peaks meet. There are 19 peaks over 900 meters, and the main peak Juxian Peak is 1,052 meters above sea ​​level. It is the highest peak in Tianjin. The total area is 53.6 square kilometers, and the forest coverage rate is over 95%.

Baxian Mountain was originally called Baxian Table. According to legend, Tieguai Li and other eight scattered immortals traveled across the East China Sea. They were attracted by the strange peaks, canyons, groves, and waters covered by the clouds. They lowered the auspicious clouds on a two-meter-square stone Take a rest at a picnic. Later, people called this huge stone the Eight Immortals Table. The 10,000 acre mountain forest was named Eight Immortals.

Erbaxianshan National Nature Reserve, with its peaks and mountains, vast forests, deep valleys, and creeks, is a treasure trove of flora and fauna, known as the Green Kingdom. Here the trees are strong, the bushes are thick, and the grass is creeping. For many years, due to the inconvenience of transportation and the Fengshui forbidden area of ​​the Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty, this area was closed for 280 years and there were few people, so hidden in deep boudoirs .

In the protected area, not only 362 kinds of plants are distributed, but quite a few belong to the national key protected plants and a variety of rare birds and exotic birds, but also a natural treasure house of Chinese herbal medicine, with more than 200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines growing.

In recent years, after expert inspection and verification, it is confirmed that it is a natural secondary broad-leaved forest area with primitive forest characteristics that is rare in North China and even at the same latitude in the earth. It has a fairly typical forest ecosystem. In November 1995, the State Council (1995) No. 108 document approved the establishment of Tianjin Baxianshan National Nature Reserve. On November 22, 1999, it was approved by the National Science and Technology Association as the first batch of science popularization bases in China.

According to research, the stratum of the reserve is the Great Wall System quartzite deposited in the ancient sea between 1.4 billion and 1.8 billion years ago. The sea retreated to land 800 million years ago. The Yanshan Movement broke, folds, and bulges 100 million years ago, showing a mountainous landscape. Here is a warm temperate humid monsoon climate. The fertile soil, abundant rainfall, and suitable temperature provide a unique ecological environment for the growth of plants and the reproduction of animals, making Baxian Mountain the largest and most representative natural botanical garden and wildlife park in North China.

Departure from Tianjin City at 5:30 am on the first day. It is expected to arrive at the destination Jiushanding Scenic Area at 10 o clock, and lead by the fellow along the mountain road to Baxian Mountain. On the first day, the intensity was high and the difficulty was moderate. I had to cross two mountain beams along the way. There was no water supply along the way. About four hours I arrived at the main peak of Baxian Mountain Scenic Area (Juxian Peak 1050 meters) and rested for half an hour. Camping in the scenic area (40 minutes), next to the management station to replenish water (of course, also need to replenish the ticket).

On the second day, you can get up early at 5:00, get up at 6:00, and travel lightly along Changmaogou (after you think this is the best view of the traditional route of Baxian Mountain). There are mountain springs and water temples along the way to feel the only place in Tianjin. The outline of the original secondary forest (the first half of Shidonggou took 3 hours), the camp was unified before 10 o clock, and it took 2 hours to go down the traditional route to the Baxianshan Zhengshan Gate and return to Tianjin.

Baxianshan Tickets: The price of tickets to Baxianshan National Nature Reserve is 30 yuan per person per coupon, which is used as the off-season ticket price (from November 1st to February 28th each year); peak season ticket prices per person per coupon 35 yuan (from March 1st to October 31st each year).

7141 Ordinary train Non-air-conditioned vehicle Departure station Jixian Departure time 14:54 Terminal Tianjin arrival time 17:34

7142 Ordinary train Non-air-conditioned vehicle Departure station Tianjin Departure time 07:39 Termination station Jixian Arrival time 10:29

You can also take the bus 675,681,27,1 to pass the Hebei Passenger Station, get off at the engineering school, and then walk about 50 meters forward, where it is dedicated to the direction of Jixian, a trip every eight minutes, to Jixian and then The car went to Baxian Mountain.

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