Bataan Jilin Desert Tourism

On the vast land of Alxa, Tengger, Bataan Jilin, Ulan Buh and the three deserts lie across, covering an area of ​​about 90,000 square kilometers. The lake in the desert oasis is clear and sweet, and has plenty of sunlight. It is a natural swimming pool.

The total area of ​​Luoba Danjilin Desert is 47 thousand square kilometers, which is the third largest desert in China and the fourth largest in the world. Inner Mongolia began to plan for the establishment of a national desert geological park with a planned area of 4020 square kilometers in 2004, including three parks in the Tengger Desert, Bataan Jilin Desert and Juyan Sea. The park s special geographical location, geological structure, ecological environment and climate The conditions formed a landscape with the desert and the Gobi as the main body, and became a natural classroom for popular science and scientific research and a natural museum for studying the formation, development, and evolution of the desert.

The Luoba Danjilin Desert is located in the northern part of the Alxa Right Banner of the Mongolian Autonomous Region in China. It covers an area of ​​47,000 square kilometers and is the third largest desert in China and the fourth in the world. There is still more than 10,000 square kilometers in the northwest of the country. Generally the altitude is between 1200 and 1500 meters.

Wu Qifeng, Mingsha, lakes, springs, and temples can be called the five musts of Bataan Jilin. Affected by wind, the sand dunes present the wonders of sea waves and towering ancient towers. The Bataan Jilin Desert occupies 39% of the total area of ​​Alxa Right Banner, with a relative height of 200 to 500 meters, and is the seat of the highest dune in China and even the world. The Mingsha Mountain in Baolitaolgai is more than 200 meters high, with steep peaks and ridges, sandy ridges like blades, high and low, and the roaring sound of sand falling across several kilometers, which is known as the kingdom of the world. There are 113 lakes scattered in the desert. Among them, there are 74 lakes with water all year round and 12 freshwater lakes with a total water surface of 49,000 acres. The lakes are overgrown with reeds and water birds play. Jiangnan reputation. On the eastern and southwestern edges of the desert, the vast Gobi is endless, and the weird shapes of weathered stone f orests, wind-eroded mushroom stones, honeycomb stones, wind-eroded stone pillars, and the Grand Canyon are breathtaking. The petroglyphs of the Mandela Mountains, which vividly record hunting and animal husbandry, are called living fossils of the fine art world.

The Bataan Jilin Desert is located in the Alxa League of Inner Mongolia, with a total area of ​​47,000 square kilometers, which is the fourth largest desert in the third world in China, and there are more than 10,000 square kilometers of desert in the northwest. Between 1200-1700 meters, the relative height of the sand mountain can reach more than 500 meters, which can be called desert Mount Everest. The Bataan Jilin Desert gathers the magnificence of the desert and is famous for its high, steep , dangerous and handsome. Qifeng, Mingsha, lakes, and Shenquan are known as the four musts of the Bataan Jilin Desert. Tall compound dune chains and pyramid-shaped dunes look like mountains. Sand peaks, sand dunes, sandy cliffs , sand walls, sand nests, and sand blades can be seen everywhere. The scenery is spectacular and colorful. In the desert hinterland, there are peaks, peaks and ridges, and sandy ridges. The strange desert shape is an ideal place for desert adventure tourism. Ming sha, which spreads across the Badain Jaran Desert, is known as the kingdom of Mingsha in the world. The sound it makes is like the roar of an airplane group, dull and far-reaching, clear and audible from a few kilometers away , all of which are irritating and abnormal. There are many inland small lakes in the Bataan Jilin Desert. The lake is surrounded by reeds. The lake water is rippling and the water birds are playing. There is a wonderful scene of the desert in the south of the river . People are calm and happy, it is a perfect place for tourists to relax. There are also many wonderful moving legends here. It also adds a lot of mysterious tourism environment capacity to the Badain Jaran Desert, and can meet the needs of tourists at different levels and carry out various forms and contents of tourism activities. The Bataan Jilin Desert attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists and experts and scholars with its unique natural landscape.

In 1993, the China-Germany joint inspection team conducted a comprehensive inspection of the Badain Jaran Desert and obtained a lot of valuable data and information. They found ostrich and paleontology fossils, including dinosaur fossils. A large number of new and old stone tools were found around the lakes in the desert hinterland, among them a large number of stone fragments and colored stoneware. After archeological analysis, it is a relic of human activities from 3000 to 5000 years ago, and has high research value.

In 1996, German adventure traveler Baumann published the book Badin Jilin Desert, which caused a sensation in Europe. At the International Adventure Tourism Expo held in the United States in March 1998, the only project launched by China was the Badain Jaran Desert Tourism Route, which attracted great attention from foreign tourism departments. Therefore, the development prospects of the Badain Jaran Desert Tourism are very broad.

Come on friends, come on. Feel the charm of the desert, camel bell, sunset, moonlight, autumn wind, what kind of atmosphere, fresh and pure air, blue and clear sky, the natural environment without any pollution, you will experience a kind of primitive, empty, and The inexhaustible tranquility of the world does not sting the wonderland of the world. That feeling, the kind of enjoyment, will make you stay forever and be unforgettable. We will wholeheartedly provide high-quality services to Chinese and foreign tourists, which will surely make you have fun and enjoy your trip.

The best travel season to the Badain Jaran Desert is the best season from August to October, with an average temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius, but the temperature difference between morning and evening and noon is large, so you need to prepare a windbreaker or long -sleeved clothing. Need to replenish body water.

There is only one shortcut to Badan Jilin: Inner Mongolia Alxa League Left Banner (Bayanhaote), take the China Pakistani to the right banner, and then transfer to the local jeep to enter the desert hinterland. Although the journey is long and tortuous, this is one of the costs and fun of exploring the virgin land.

If the individual travels to the Badain Jaran Desert, it is recommended to rent two cars (as much as possible) when renting a car, because if there is a broken car in the desert, there is another car that can travel or rescue. It is best to bring in some fresh vegetables and fruits before entering the desert. In addition, there is no way to communicate with outside telecommunications in the desert, so be prepared.

You need to bring items and other deserts. The ultraviolet rays in the desert are strong, so you need to bring sunglasses and sunscreen. Wind and sand storms often occur in the desert, so be very careful when using the camera, try not to change the lens in the desert, and return to the house to clean the dust on the body and the lens.

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