Bashang Grassland Tour, Bashang Grassland Tickets and Attractions Introduction

 The beautiful Bashang grassland is located in Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Hebei Province. It is the closest natural prairie to Beijing. It is 260 kilometers away from Dongzhimen, and the vehicle normally travels for about 5 hours. The total area of grassland is about 350 square kilometers, which is a part of Inner Mongolia grassland. The average altitude is 1486 meters and the highest altitude is about 2400 meters. It is the birthplace of Luanhe and Chaohe rivers. In the vast green field with grass and clear clouds and flowers, it seems that the sky is falling down and the clouds are about to rub shoulders. The average temperature during the tourist season is 17.4 ° C, making it an ideal green health tourism and leisure destination.

丰 丰 Fengning Manchu Autonomous County is located on the north side of the Yanshan Mountains, north of the Inner Mongolia grassland; on the south is surrounded by the peaks of the Yanshan Mountains; on the west is the Zhangbei area; on the east, it is adjacent to Chengde, with a total area of ​​8,765 square kilometers. The county is divided into three areas: the dam area, the dam area, and the dam area. The dam area is high in air, the grass is grassy, The sheep are like clouds, the horses are galloping, the dam margins are like clusters, and the water is clear; The mountains and mountains are everywhere, and the game is endless. The mountains and rivers under the dam are beautiful, the rivers are wide, the rivers are wide and the valleys are quiet, and they are more like the narrow ridges and silos of the south of the river, forming a unique and unique tourist environment.

  Through the beautiful and colorful mountains gallery, the simple and charming scenery of the dam margin will come to your eyes. After entering the dam, you can feel the pleasant summer heat. The cool breeze swept across, plunging into your placket instantly. Look around the wild, dotted with star-like wildflowers on the lush green meadow. Large expanses of birch forest, thickly packed with jade muscles, layered between branches and leaves, leaking spots of sun. Surrounded by a beautiful lightning river like a jade belt , it flows quietly by your side. Herds of cattle, horses, and flocks forage, the broad singing of the herdsmen and the crisp long whip, combined with the sound of beautiful birds, add even more vitality to the simple grassland.

  Bashang grassland in summer without heat, fresh and pleasant. The colorful wildflowers begin at the edge of the dam. Some are as bright as Venus and some are as red as red. The colors of the four seasons are different. At night, the bright moon bonfire is a good place to talk about love; you can go to the bonfire to talk, dance, and sing with tourists from south to north; you can also sit alone on the grassland and enjoy the fun of being alone. Get up in the morning, you can step on the soft natural grass felt, listen to the singing of the birds, and you can also see the sunrise on the grassland. A round of red sun rose, and the crystal clear dew on the green leaves immediately turned into a glittering pearl; all kinds of plants turned green in a blink of an eye; horses, cattle, and sheep began to squirm on the vast grasslands. The sky is vast, the wild is vast, the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low .

Transportation   1. Transportation: The distance from Beijing (Dongzhimen) to Bashang Grassland is more than 260 kilometers. Go to Dongzhimen or Xizhimen and take the long-distance bus from Beijing to Fengning. After arriving at Fengning County, transfer to Bashang. It takes about 9 hours to transfer twice, and a one-way fare costs about 60 yuan. Bus routes: From Dongzhimen, Zhaogongkou, Maquan, Yongdingmen, Xizhimen, Beijiao Long-distance Station, Muyiyuan, Jiulongshan and other places, there are direct buses to Fengning, Zhangbei, Guyuan, and paddocks many times every day round trip.

Accommodation   2. Accommodation: There are many tourist resorts and hotels in the local area. Recommended: Saibei Courtyard, Tel: 0314-8284664.

May to October of each year is the best season for Bashang grassland to visit and relax. People drove to the cool breeze, and the summer heat disappeared. When people ride the slight morning breeze to usher in the first light of the vast plateau, or accompanied by the gorgeous sunset, and enjoy the magnificent scenery of solitary smoke in the desert, the sun setting over the long river, it is all the beauty of nature. And dumped. Ride on a fast horse, galloping freely; pull bows and arrows, change bows and shoot sculptures; all feel free and easy to return to nature. The night is falling, the sky is full of silence, the sky is full of stars, under the shadow of the campfire, or dancing, or listening to the melodious and slightly sad horsehead harp, the exotic style will make you refreshing and endless.

Traffic The traffic here is not very convenient and it is more suitable for self-driving. You can also take the train to Zhangjiakou City first, then change to the CMB bus to Zhangbei County, and finally take the bus to the scenic area.

It is very convenient to eat on the Baba. There are restaurants in the place where you live, and there are many game products, such as dumpling meat, pheasant meat, wild vegetables, wild mushrooms … the most special features are steak and roasted whole lamb. But the price of dishes here is very high, a small roasted whole lamb costs more than 600-800 yuan, working class, don t eat it!

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