Barron Falls Tour, Barron Falls Tickets and Attractions Introduction

The majestic Barron Falls near Kurland is one of the most visited places on the list of historical sites in the rainforests of North Queensland. Here the water of the Barron River comes from the edge of Atherton Tiberz Heights, and the waterfall flows down the steep cliffs through the dense tropical rain forest into the Barron Gorge. The Barron River travels through the sugar cane fields of the flat coastal plains before entering the Trinity Bay at the southern end of Markans Beach, just north of Cairns Airport.

A man named John Doyle is known to have noticed the first white man to this magnificent and magnificent Baron Falls. This happened in 1876, when Doyle, Bill Smith, and another man named Cardno attempted to walk through the thick bushes of Tiberias, trying to develop a path between the Thornborough Tinplate Mining Center and Trinity Bay.

Although this attempt to open the coastline to the west failed, the subsequent idea of ​​moving from the coast to the west proved feasible. Thanks to this precipitous natural mountain range north of Keynes, Smith Road was eventually fully used, but not too much for the public, especially those carrying horses. Almost all Smithfield Road was abandoned when the passage from Goldfields and Tinplate to the Port of Douglas was completed by Christie Palmerston in 1877. This event also heralded the demise of Smithfield s colonial hopes built at the foot of the mountain.

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