Baoting Tropical Botanical Garden [Hainan Tongshi]

Baoting Tropical Botanical Garden is located in the Baoting Tropical Crops Research Institute, 3 kilometers south of Baoting County. It covers an area of ​​10 hectares and has more than 30 national tropical cash crops and precious tropical and subtropical plants in China. There are 91 families and 420 species. The park is divided into tropical crop specimen area, tropical fruit tree area, tropical cash crop area, southern medicine area, tropical forest area, flower viewing area, oil crop area and so on. In the tropical cash crop area, there is a rubber germplasm bank with a total of 1030 rubber clones. It is China s first improved breeding rubber research center. In the tropical fruit tree area, there are mysterious fruit, heart fruit, breadfruit, rambutan, avocado, avocado and so on. Visitors to this plant world have a sense of dizziness and can t stop sighing.

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