Baoduzhai Scenic Area [Shijiazhuang, Hebei]

Baodu Mountain, formerly known as Laoshan, is located in the west of Luquan City, 16 kilometers west of Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province. The altitude is 580 meters. The scenery here is beautiful, Hugging Calf Qinglan is one of the Eight Deer Scenic Spots.

Historical Records. Biography of Huaiyin Hou contains Han Xin cutting Zhao, making Qingqi 2,000 people, a person holding a red flag, looking out from the mountains and looking at the mountains is this. After the Wei Gerong rebellion (four years in general), the people buried the mountain and died. Jinjiang Wuxian Town met this side, built a village on the mountain, and lived dangerously. The military status is equal to Zhengding Government, Jizhou, Weizhou, Pingdingzhou, Luancheng County, Nangong County , etc. Alas. Today, it has the reputation of The World s Odd Village .

The wonder of holding a calf, the wonder is the power of creation. It faces the Hebei Plain in the east, the Taihang Mountains in the west, and a mountain protruding from Pingchuan, and Wanling comes to the west. The south of the mountain : The ancient road is long, and it is the fifth diameter well of Taihang Hachiman. There are no double-track cars and no horses riding together. Lu s Spring and Autumn is listed as one of Jiuzhai. Tumenguan Xiongfeng at the east exit of Jingjing still exists, and the throat of Chengjinji is the real threat of soldiers. North of the mountain: Beyond the mountains, the Luohe water flows torrentially and is faintly visible. To the east of the mountain: green fields, villages, cities, traffic, and looming, looking far away from Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, such as Yunjianhai City, it can be seen from afar that the situation around this Baotuizhai is probably.

The hug cuozhai is 580 meters above sea level. The walls are like a knife and axe, and only the north and south bird trails can reach the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain is flat and flat, with a total area of 600 acres and a depth of more than 60 meters, which is the first wonder of this mountain. The ancients can avoid soldiers. Zhaizhai in this mountain depends on its male danger and defense, and on the other, it has arable land. The famous mountain giant Yue Fei Shao, who is it?

Huobaotu Mountain is not only majestic, but the scenery is also impressive. Baotufeng Lanrui Ningning is one of the eight scenic spots in the county. Whenever the dawn dawns and after the first rain and new weather, it is surrounded by smoke and mist , languid and sorrowful, or the blue sky is washed, and the cliff is full of color. It s so beautiful. In the Qing Dynasty, South Korea said:

Huo Baotu Mountain is not only dangerous, but wars are frequent. In the second year of the Han Dynasty, Han Xin cut Zhao, and here he looked at Zhao, Sui Renshou four years, Li Zixiong broke the Han and Liu Jianjun under Baodu Mountain ; in the second year of Song Baoqing, the Mongolian history Tianze led the soldiers of Zhencheng to enter the finals, Wuxian returned to vicissitudes, and the world was stormy. To this day, there are many flagpole eyes on the mountain that are legendary to Han Xin and Fa Zhao.

The thousands of years of vicissitudes of life have also left a rich cultural accumulation for Baodu Mountain. Buddhism statues from Tang Dynasty to Jinyuan have remained in the Longlong Cave, Xianren Cave, and Tianmen Cave. Character figures come to life. The poems, inscriptions , and couplets left by predecessors in these places are also shining with the glory of human wisdom.

From ancient times to the present, countless literati writers embracing calves and chanting. In the late Jin and early Yuan dynasties, the famous poet Yuan Hao asked to live in Luquan Village under Baotu Mountain, and wrote excellent poems such as Luquan New Home . You Qiaoba, when you see Han Shan, you are climbing. In the Yuan Dynasty, Liu Yin also set up an account to obtain deer, so he wrote the poem Sheshan :

Baotuizhai is also an important place for religious activities. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Li Jifu s Yuanhe County and County Maps recorded that: He who holds the calf in the cloud has its name in ancient times, that is, the Taoist school called it 北 岳佐 命. Yes, The Famous Mountains considers the number of blessed places, and clouds can avoid soldiers and soldiers. In the early days of liberation, there were religious palaces such as the Golden Palace and Baiyun Temple in Baotuizhai. At the beginning of Qing Dynasty, Zhang Qifeng s poem Title Mountain Wins has the sentence: Yaochi s fruit is over, the Lingling mystery is everywhere in Longchou. It can be seen that Taoism is gradually declining and Buddhism is flourishing. Judging from the existing grotto statues, Dharani sutras and other cultural relics, from Tang to Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Buddhist activities continued to flourish in Baotui Village, and the phenomenon of coexistence of two rel igions left a special cultural heritage for Baotu Mountain People s development research is still pending.

In addition, the ancients left inscriptions about praying for the rain, watching the sun, browsing the banquet, etc., in order to become an important component of the cultural heritage of the village.

In the ancient times, there were eighteen ponds, Baolong Cave, Xianren Cave, Tianmen Cave, Nantianmen, Beitianmen, Wanghaiting, Tianta, Patio, Tianshu case, etc. in Baoyuan. In recent years, the deer people have invested heavily in the development of the Baotu Village tourism business. In just over a year, Nantianmen, Beitianmen, Jincheng Palace, Hanxin Temple, and the Bagua array maze have been reconstructed, and built along the cliff After the majestic Great Wall, an aerial ropeway that crosses Lianhua Mountain to Baotu Village was set up. Tourists can take the cable car to the top of the mountain.

Friends of who who want to spend the night in the cottage can stay at the mountain top Baoduzhai Hotel, in good condition, convenient to eat and live. You can also go to Luquan in the downtown area for accommodation. The Luquan Hotel has better conditions and more local snacks.

Jujube, persimmons, Gujiayu toon, and Beixuezhuang pomegranates are all local specialties. In addition, yakitori and small sesame oil in Luquan City, Yamashita are also local specialties.

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