Baoduzhai [Luoyang, Henan]

Baotuizhai is located on Baotu Mountain, 50 kilometers northwest of Luanchuan County. It is surrounded by cliffs of hundreds of feet, and the south gate stands thousands of miles away. The two peaks of the west gate face each other and are only one meter wide . It belongs to the danger of one man in charge, ten thousand moke . There are four seasons of spring water on the mountain, and mao Lin covering the sky, so it is easy to defend and difficult to attack. It is one of the famous villages in western Henan.

In the original cave, there is a statue of a real calf who embraces a calf and does not need white flour. Therefore, this cave is also known as a calf palace. Outside the east gate of Baotuizhai, there is a sudden peak, a stalagmite stands on the peak, and looks far away, like an old man, known as Shi Laohan. There are also stone pillars on the cliff near the North Gate, like an old woman sitting cross-legged, known as Wife Stone .

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