Baoding Mountain [Chongqing Dazu Rock Carving]

Baoding Mountain is 15 kilometers northeast of Dazu County. The famous monk Zhao Zhifeng built the cave temple here, which took more than 70 years to build. Baoding Mountain is one of the holy places in Buddhism.

The stone carvings of Baoding Mountain are centered on the Big Buddha Bay. There are the Little Buddha Bay, the Inverted Pagoda, Longtou Mountain, Shushi Mountain, and Huangpipo in the east, Gao Guanyin in the south, the vast mountains, pine forest slope , and Buddha rock in the west, and Yanwan in the north, Longtan, opposite Buddha, etc., a total of 13 landscapes. Among them, the stone carvings of Dafowan have the largest scale, the highest artistic value, and the best preservation .

Dafo Bay is a horseshoe-shaped mountain bay. On cliffs about 500 meters long and 15-30 meters high, more than 10,000 statues are carved. There are also 7 inscriptions on the origin of the statue of Baodingshan and the historical facts of Buddhism tantra . There are 17 inscriptions by Song Taichang Shaoqing Wei Wei Weng and 2 relic pagodas. The stone carvings of Dafowan are carved in the shape of mountains and cliffs. The relief is tall, the subject matter is wide, the caves are connected, the layout is elegant, the overall sense is strong, and the weather is spectacular. The buddha image is novel in conception, skilled in carving skills, and rich in worldly colors. The content is mostly a Buddhist story. Stone carved treasures are next to each other The main statues are the statues of the guardian, six reincarnations, the vast treasure house, the three sacred statues of the Yan Emperor, the Thousand Hands Avalokitesvara, the sacred relics of Shakyane, the image of parental grace, the i mage of the hell, the Yuanjue dojo, and the cattle cattle dojo The meaning is profound.

Qibaoding Mountain is a dojo for Buddhist Tantric statues. Indian Vajrayogya, a non-empty monk came to China one after another, spreading esoteric teachings with goodness and fearlessness, and called them the three great soils of Kaiyuan, successively passed down to three generations; and passed to Master Huiguo, who became the fourth generation of Tantra. After another 30 years or so, Ryumoto appears. Later, for more than 250 years, he developed with bumpy conditions, and to Zhao Zhifeng, he inherited the mantra of Tantric Buddhism and became a tantra. On April 8, 873, Chang an held a welcome to the Buddha s bones ceremony, the Quartet restrained the old to help the young, the path of the Buddha sounded to the ground , there were army soldiers, and his left arm was broken in front of the Buddha, and he held it by hand. One step at a time, the blood shed, as the time was right, the fingers were cut, and it was innumerable, and there was a monk who overlaid on the top, which was called alchemy, fire, and pain. Hastily.

Why Willow? The legend is that there was a large willow tree in the north of Leshan City that year, a large tumor that grew from the willow tree grew up year after year, and then the ridge split and gave birth to a baby. Adopted by a local official in Jiazhou, and lived in the name before becoming a monk. After becoming a monk, he went to set up altars in Mimu, Guanghan, Chengdu, Xinjin, and other places to promote esoteric teaching. Believers and disciples preach that God is almost their god and become a sage saint.

Zhao Zhifeng s teenage living environment, monk situation, life path, and local religions, which were similar to Liu Benzun, finally became Liu s heirs, so he built the Liu Benzun Ten Refined Maps in Baoding Mountain, and left Liu s biography. 1 pass.

Tamarisk s demonstrative comic strips, although described in photo-style, are inseparable from two major characteristics. One is the cruel dismemberment of themselves and the public s favor; the second is the sedition of the Buddha. The Bodhisattva and Tianle testified and cheered to resurrect the dead and render the legend. Eventually, even Zhao Zhifeng also gradually moved forward, and his Taoist temple was built in Baoding Mountain, which took the esoteric religion a step forward.

There are many hotel options for staying. You can also stay in a farmhouse. You can eat, pack, and pick fruits in the local family s house. The maximum is 50 yuan per person. You can live in the low season for 25 yuan. There are double rooms, single rooms, and multi-person rooms. Very rich

Take a bus from Chongqing Caiyuanba Bus Station to Dazu County. There is a bus at 9:10 in the morning and it will arrive at Dazu Bus Station in two hours. The fare is 45 yuan / person. After arriving in Dazu County, there are two bus stations in Dazu, one is a coach station, that is, all vehicles from Chongqing arrive at this station, and the other is a county bus station, that is, a bus station to the scenic area., You can take a rickshaw (2 yuan) to another bus station in that county, take the bus from Dazu to Baoding to the scenic area (every half an hour), the fare is 3 yuan per person, the time is two ten minutes. No seat. To reach the entrance of the scenic area, you need to take a human tricycle in the scenic area to the ticket office. The cost is about two yuan per car.

Hot pot, Mao Xuewang and Chen Mahua, spring chicken, spicy chicken, chicken shredded tofu brain, Shancheng small dumplings, hemp balls, stewed beef soup and various hot pots, dandan noodles, copying, etc.

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