Bamboo rafting in Taiying Mountain, Fujian

  Drifting allows visitors to enjoy the scenery all the way, and the flowery beaches, maple groves, and banyan trees bring visitors a poetic mood. There are tempting seas, sun and beaches, and it is a good place for sand, wave, fishing and shellfish. The peculiar sea erosion landforms and the magical sky lakes and pastures are endlessly charming. Taiyu Mountain is located on the shores of the East China Sea and Qingchuan Bay. The mountains and seas are interdependent, the shores are magnificent, and the momentum is magnificent. It is known as the Sea Fairy Capital. It is a granite peak forest cave. National key scenic spot with human landscape. The viewing area is 92 square kilometers, and it is divided into five scenic spots: Taiying Mountain, Qingchuan Beach, Jiuli Stream Waterfall, Fuyao Islands, and Sangyuan Cuihu. The scenic area is a landscape of granite peaks and caves. Rock layers stacked on top of each other have been carved into various shapes by the magical axe of nature. Th ey look like people and things. The cottages have a panoramic view. Taiyu Mountain has a long history and rich cultural landscape. There are 36 temples in the north and south of the mountain. The Xing Temple in China was founded in the Tang Dynasty, and there are still stone towers, pillars and inscriptions in the Tang Dynasty. It is said that Yuhu Xun was the ruins of the Zhu Xi Thatched Cottage in Song Dynasty, and it is said that Zhu Xie once annotated The Golden Mean in Xuanji Cave (now Guanyin Cave). There are many stone carvings in Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties nearby. Baiyun Mountain is said to be the place where the Ming Dynasty resisted the Qing dynasty Huang Da Stew. The Cold City under the Mountain is where the the famous historian of the Song Dynasty Zheng Zheng lectured. Around the mountain is the important production area of ​​the world-famous Bailin Gongfu Tea, and it is also a revolutionary old base.

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