Baiyun Mountain Tourist Attractions

Baiyun Mountain has dangerous peaks represented by Baiyun Peak, Yuhuangding, Xiaohuangshan, Jijiajian, Qianqianya, and 10,000 acres of primeval forest, Tang gingko forest, wild peony garden, alpine azalea garden, and red birch forest. The forest landscapes represented by the birch forest , the white birch forest, and the arrow bamboo forest, the waterfall landscapes represented by Heilongtan, Huanglongjing, Pearl Lake, Qinglong Waterfall, Bailong Waterfall, Jiulong Waterfall, and Baiyun Cave, Green Snake Cave, Gonggu Cave, Cave Sky Cave landscapes represented by plank roads and fairy bridges, human landscapes represented by Uman Temple, Yunyan Temple, and Jade Emperor s Pavilion, and phenological landscapes represented by sunrise over the sea of ​​clouds, summer heat in summer, and golden autumn leaves. The whole scenic spot integrates mountains, stones, water, caves, forests, grasses, flowers, birds, and beasts into one. The majesty, danger, wonder, beauty, beauty, and beauty are i ntertwined. Both the majestic state of the northern country and the south Beautiful scenery.

The benevolent is happy, the wise is happy. Baiyun Mountain is located in Song County, Luoyang. Baiyun Mountain National Forest Park is located in the hinterland of the Funiu Mountain, 800 miles away. The first peak of the Jade Emperor in the Central Plains at an altitude of 2216 meters is the best place to watch the sunrise clouds over the Central Plains.

Laoshan is beautiful and watery, and the water is secluded by mountains. Here, the valleys and mountains are full of streams and streams. The Yihe River, Ruhe River, and Baihe River flow in the same mountain, and they flow into the three major river basins of the Yellow River, Huai River, and Yangtze River. In the Baihe Grand Canyon with a kilometer drop, there are five steps and one pond, and ten steps and one waterfall. Jiulong Waterfall has a drop of 123 meters. It looks like the Milky Way is falling and the sun is shining. There are many rainbows. People move in rainbows. The water of Baiyun Mountain across the three domains is on one peak, and the spirit of the three rivers is on one mountain. It is unique to Central Plains and can be called the Zhongyuan Landscape Grand View.

Baiyun Mountain is located at the boundary of the geographic and climatic boundary between the north and the south. It belongs to the transition zone from subtropical to warm temperate zone. It has rich animal and plant resources and is a national nature reserve. The forest coverage rate is 98.5%, the plant species reaches 1991, the animals are 204, the national protected plants are over 40, and the national protected animals are 20. Thousands of acres of virgin forests have different postures of dead vines and old trees. The trickle is clear and clear, the flowers and grasses are colorful, and the natural ecosystem is well preserved. The alpine rhododendron forest stretches for thousands of meters above the peaks, and the seasons are full of flowers and mountains. More than 400 ginkgo trees in the Tang Dynasty coexist, which is quaint and magnificent, and rare in the north. Rare flora and fauna have been hailed as Museum of Nature by experts and scholars.

Baiyun Mountain has lush vegetation, green shades of land, transpiration of water mist, many clouds, strange, beautiful and magical. The clouds of Baiyun Mountain, like the clouds on the seashore, are washed with water and gas; The clouds of Baiyun Mountain , like the clouds above the sky, are free from dust and pollution! Suddenly, the light clouds and mist floated from the bottom of the maggot like smoke of smoke, and then rolled out, so the ocean was like a sea and a sky, and the mountains were like islands in the ocean. In the blink of an eye, the waves were turbulent, and the microwave was on the shore.

景 Baiyun Mountain has different scenery all year round. In the spring, Wan Mu Tufang has blossoms. Wild peony is rare and unique, and colorful alpine azaleas are racing to bloom. In summer, the green hills are green and the climate is cool. Water flies in the air, clouds move between trees, and people swim in the painting. White clouds linger, illusory and mysterious. In the autumn, the mountains are red and the forests are full of colors. The red leaves such as pentagon maple and huang huang are as fragrant as fire, and the mountains, mountains and rivers are dressed up picturesquely. In the middle of winter, it is wrapped in silver and covered with ice. Huge ice falls, strange icicles, and colorful ice hangings are dizzying. It is three feet frozen, the snow is not melting, and ice-skating is extremely fun.

Baiyun Mountain has an annual rainfall of 1200 mm, abundant rainfall and a pleasant climate. The average annual temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, and the highest summer climate does not exceed 26 degrees Celsius. Bai Yunshan, a young girl in the deep boudoir, looks graceful under the builder s careful makeup. Since its opening in 1993, it has received more than 4 million Chinese and foreign tourists, and has been rated as one of the top ten tourist areas in Henan Province and one of the top ten most attractive scenic spots in Henan Province. The comrades of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee have visited this place, calling it the famous mountain in the Central Plains, and the former honorary chairman of the Chinese Book Association Mr. Qi Gong waved the white wonderland on earth.

The infrastructure in Gion has begun to take shape, and two small buildings have been built. In the forest, there are all kinds of cabins with different tastes. Some look like European-style small villas; others deliberately put thatch on the roof , like a farmhouse. Two beds in each hut, quiet and comfortable.

In addition, there are also medium-sized hotels, restaurants, shops, and shops. In the overall design plan, the first phase of the project is intensifying construction. In 1995, a forest tourism service center building, various forms of cabins, villas , holiday villages, forest health centers, etc. will be completed to meet the growing needs of tourists.

The roads around the forest park are criss-crossed, and the distance from Luoyang, Nanyang, Sanmenxia and Pingdingshan is 150-200 kilometers. There are three main highways passing through, which can be connected to Songxian, Luoyang, Luanchuan, Lushan and Ruyang respectively. It is 180 kilometers away from Longhai Line and the nearest point is 95 kilometers from Jiaozhi Line. The transportation is relatively convenient. It can be reached in 4-5 hours by Luoyang-Baiyunshan special line, and Songxian-Baishan special line in 2-3 hours.

There are three special-grade roads in Gion that connect with the surrounding area, and cars can go directly to the park. In the existing part of the park, there are four forest-grade highways. Most of the tourist trails are being further strengthened , but all major tourist spots are accessible. Specially steep sections, with railings and handrails on both sides, or cut into steps, it looks dangerous. It s safe to walk. Long-distance coaches from Luoyang and Songxian reach the park every day .

The water mat in Luoyang is a must-try food. In Baiyun Mountain, you can taste local-style farm rice, wild leek, simmered ravioli, acorn jelly, battered noodles, and goat broth.

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