Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot Tickets and Attractions

People often use Baiyun Zhuhai to refer to Guangzhou, and Baiyun refers to Baiyun Mountain. Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area is located in the north of Guangzhou, about 17 kilometers from the urban area. It is the southern extension of the Jiulian Mountains and is known as the first mountain in South Vietnam. It is said that in the fall, white clouds often rise, turning a side of the mountain into a white cloud, as if covered by a veil, hence its name. Baiyun Mountain is a cluster of more than 30 peaks. The whole mountain covers an area of ​​28 square kilometers. The highest peak, Moxingling, is 382 meters above sea level, and it is the highest peak in Guangzhou.

古 Since ancient times, Baiyun Mountain has been a famous scenic spot in Guangzhou. Historically, in the eight scenes of Yangcheng, the shadow of Juhu Lake, Baiyun Wanwang, Pujianyuquan, and Jingtai Monk are all in Baiyun Mountain. Jinye Pond is located in the foothills of Baiyun Mountain. It is a picturesque lake with bright lake and wave-like mirror. The lakes and mountains are bright and vivid, like poetry and painting, with no interest, it is a good place in Baiyun Mountain.

Baiyun Mountain has been known for a long time. During the Warring States Period, celebrities were in and out, and the scenery was pleasant during the Jin Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty was famous for its scenic spots. There are eight scenic spots in Yangcheng since the Song Dynasty. People in Yangcheng have always enjoyed climbing and climbing here, especially in the city of Nine-ninety-nine, and it is more fun to climb the Baiyun Mountain. Whenever this time, helping the old and the young, the bustling scene of crowds constitutes a unique style painting of Yangcheng.

Baiyun Mountain is magnificent, the mountains are undulating, the valleys are vertical and horizontal, the highest peak is Moxing Ridge, and the roads in the mountains are in all directions. Beautiful scenery and many places of interest. From the north to the south, it is divided into three scenic areas: the north, the top, and the lake. Luhu District is lined with trees and the lake is calm like a mirror. From Luhu, you can take a cable car to the mountain. The Peak District includes Peak Park, Mingchun Valley, Mountain Lodge, Sungei Villa, Nengren Temple, Jiulongquan, etc. Shanbei Scenic Area is another scene: the mountains are undulating, the green pines are everywhere, and the horizon is endless, like a surging sea; the mountain wind blows, its sound is like a wave, and it is known as one of the eight scenic spots of Yangcheng. Pugu, Nengren Temple, Tiannan First Peak, Mingchun Valley, Jiulongquan, Beilin, Motianling, Shanwan, Shuangxi, Shanzhuang, Baiyun Songtao , Songtao Beacon, M ingzhulou, Baiyun Xianguan, Jufang Garden, Luhu Golf and Country Club, Guangzhou Skating Club, Luming Restaurant, etc. and the newly built Yuntai Garden, Sculpture Park, Baiyun Slide and other attractions.

The world-famous South China Botanical Garden is located in Longyan Cave. It has more than 4,500 tropical and subtropical plants and an exhibition area dedicated to people s viewing. It is planted with palm plants, relics, tropical plants, shade plants, anti -fouling green plants, and economic plants., Bamboo and medicinal plants, garden trees, gymnosperms, etc. The park also has facilities such as artificial lakes, water pavilions, reception halls, rest pavilions, experimental buildings, shade houses, and greenhouses. It is not only a base for research and development of plant resources and popularization of botanical knowledge, but also a colorful, picturesque Green Sea Fen Fei s Grand View Garden of Plants attracts many tourists.

Leaders of some parties and countries such as Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Dong Biwu, Chen Yi, Tao Zhu, Guo Moruo, etc. have all come here for sightseeing, resting and receiving foreign guests. At present, Baiyun Mountain has a special tour bus, winding up and down along the Panshan Highway, which can directly reach the Peak Park and Tiannan First Peak, and also has an uphill ropeway. There are various flavor restaurants and various service facilities on the mountain, as well as simple stoves for people to picnic and roast, which has become a famous tourist attraction in the country.

  Every year on the 9th day of the Lunar New Year, there will be many people going to Baiyun Mountain. On Baiyun Mountain, there are sports and recreational activities such as alpine skiing, 1400 meters slide, hang gliding and so on.

 1. Transportation: Take the special bus to Baiyun Mountain on Yuehua Road; take bus No. 11 to Shahe Shuquan Road and walk up the mountain; take bus No. 24 to Yuntai Garden first and then take the cable car (more than 1600 meters in length) Go up the mountain.

Tickets 2, Tickets: 5 yuan for Shannan Mengang; 10 yuan for Yuntai Garden; 3 yuan for Xinghai Garden; 20 yuan for uphill and 10 yuan for downhill; 20 yuan for slide. (Free for seniors over 70 years old), 10 yuan for small cars, 15 yuan for medium and large buses, and 5 yuan for motorcycles.

 3, Tips: Luming Restaurant in Luhu Park, south of Baiyun Mountain, is built on the water by the lake, the environment is very good, there are a lot of seats, and you can order some special dishes of the restaurant., Baiyun hunter, city division chicken.

In addition, another exit of Baiyun Mountain is near Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. You can stay at a guesthouse in Guangwai or a small hotel near Guangwai. The price is more civilian, generally within 100 yuan.

Luming Restaurant in Luhu Park, south of Baiyun Mountain, is built on the water near the lake. The environment is very good and there are many seats. If you want to eat inside, you can order some of the restaurant s special dishes, such as date deer head, white cloud hunter, and city chicken

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