Baiyangdian Sunny Sky

Area and open area, 162 kilometers north of Beijing. Here the reed fields are voluminous, the reed flowers are shaking, the sky is blue and the water is blue, and the birds are scented with flowers, which makes people feel refreshed. And the evening is the most beautiful. The setting sun reflects the lake water, sparkling; the fishermen returning from fishing hurriedly paddling home; the breeze gently blows on the cheek, a trace of refreshing and refreshing, makes people forget the fatigue of the journey, and intoxicates in this paradise.

So you can t wait to rush into the reeds, and people can t help but linger and blur the time and space. Blue sky, white clouds, red sun, green water, green reeds, fish swimming in the water, birds flying in the air, the sky and water are as if they are in a paradise of the world; the boat is long, the heart is long, or Sing softly, or sing with your throat, or solo reed, or shake the boat, let your emotions flow freely …

You can choose Jingshi Expressway to drive Baiyangdian by car. From Liuli Bridge to Jingshi, pass Luzhou, enter Gaoxingdian into Dingxing Jie, about 120 kilometers from Beijing to Xushui exit, pay 30 yuan and go left to Tianjin. After 12 kilometers, you can see a Toll station, after paying 15 yuan, travel 20 kilometers along the main road to enter the Baiyangdian tourist area of ​​Anxin County. (Total high-speed fee 45 yuan)

The topography and geomorphology of Qibaiyangdian was formed by the sea and the lake, and the lake and the land evolved repeatedly. The current water area is the only remaining part of the ancient Baiyangdian. There are nine rivers, Jiulong River, Xiaoyi River, Tanghe River, Fuhe River, Luohe River, Pinghe River, Yangcun River, Waterfall River and Baigou Yinhe River. The water country Zeguo is called Xidian in history. In the 12th year of Zhengde (AD 1517), Yangcunhe broke into the state of Ze, and the Jiuhe entered the lake. Later, people saw Dian Shui as Wang Yang vast and mighty sky, so it was renamed Bai Yangdian.

There are 143 lakes in Zhibaiyangdian Lake, which are connected by more than 3700 gullies. The lakes are connected and the gullies are connected to form a huge water maze. The scenery of the Dian District is beautiful and the products are abundant. The scenery changes at any time of the year. 36 villages in Anxin County are surrounded by water. They are famous for their rice, fish and shrimp, Ling Zhi and Anzhou reed mat. Yuanyu and Osmanthus fish are famous both at home and abroad, and they are known as the beautiful and rich hometown of fish and rice.

Itinerary can choose a two-day tour. If it is a weekend tour, it is best to book a house in advance, because it is the peak tourist season of Baiyangdian, and it is not possible to book a place temporarily. After going 8 kilometers east of Anxin County, near the Baiyangdian Pier, you will see two relatively large hot spring resorts. The price of standard rooms is more than 300 yuan, and there is no discount for holidays.

The new terminal has a variety of managed and leased vessels, ranging from 80 yuan to more than 300 yuan. Each boat will have a boatman to take you to enjoy the scenery for more than three hours. Baiyangdian has two new and old wharfs. The new wharf is more regular, and the price is naturally much higher. The ordinary 6-person wooden boat also costs 80 yuan, and each person has to pay an additional 30 yuan. Of course, the tickets for the attractions in Dianzhong are also different . Calculated.

Going to the old pier allows local boatmen to lead you to the natural reeds to listen to the birds, which will give you a moment of peace in the irritable mind that has lived in the city for a long time. Take a wooden boat and let the waves take you into the hinterland of Baiyangdian. The landscape in front of you is changing rapidly. The reed fluttering scenery that I have only seen in the movie before has rushed into your sight (unfortunately now It s not when the reeds bloom, otherwise it must be more beautiful). On the rafting lake, free wild birds can be seen everywhere, and from their barking, they know that they live quickly. I heard from boatmen that there are many types of wild birds here, and the most common one is fishing tadpoles. When the fishermen blew their whistle, they would stand on both sides of the boat. Because it is a no-fishing period, many small fishing boats are idle on the shore. The old dark boats and the weeds on the shore have a gentle beauty. Every time a speedboat passes by, the boat always sways up and down for a long time …

If you are visiting Baiyangdian at night, you must go to the new pier, because the river lights of the new pier after night are very distinctive. People put small candles on the lotus petals, and then put the petals on the water. The stars are connected into a piece, which is very charming.

River crabs and prawns are a must-order regular dish after you have come to Baiyangdian. In addition, there is also a dish of boiled small fish (also called one pot of fresh) that is also very special. The pancake is made of 6 kinds of flour, including corn noodles, soybean noodles, millet noodles, mung bean noodles, Baiyangdian water chestnut noodles, and Baiyangdian lotus root noodles. The small fish is a kind of wild fish that grows naturally in the waters of Baiyangdian. The method is to use a large iron pan to bring live small fish into the pot, add more soup, then paste a cake on the side of the large iron pan, cover the lid, cook for an hour on low fire, and bring the fish out of the soup. Because the pancakes are close to the fish, the pancakes will taste a little fishy after they come out of the pan. They are sweet, fragrant, and crisp. They are very unique and must be tasted. The price ranges from 30 to 40 yuan.

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