Baiyangdian [Cangzhou, Hebei]

Baiyangdian Lake is the largest freshwater lake on the Hebei Plain. In recent years, with the development of tourism, Baiyangdian has become a distinctive tourist area. Bai Yangdian is located in the hinterland of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, about 150 kilometers away. Such a location enables the Baiyangdian tourist area to have a better source of tourists and achieve rapid development. Baiyangdian is divided into 146 lakes of different sizes by 36 villages and 120,000 acres of reeds. The largest is more than 20,000 acres and the smallest is 180 acres . These lakes are connected in series by a large number of 3,700 gullies and rivers. Water maze.

Qibaiyangdian is a large valley in the Jizhong Plain, which connects the four counties of Renqiu, Anxin, Gaoyang, Xiongxian and Rongcheng. It consists of 92 lakes of various sizes, including Baiyangdian, Algae Lake, Mapeng Lake, and Gourd Lake, with a total area of ​​more than 500,000 acres and a perennial water area of ​​more more than 325,000 acres. The normal storage capacity is 400 million cubic meters. However, the surface area of ​​Baiyangdian Lake varies with the water level. When the water level is 5 to 5.5 meters above sea level, the whole lake will dry up; when the water level rises to 10 meters, it will store more than 600 million cubic meters of water, and the most suitable water level is 7 to 9 meters . The shape of the entire Baiyangdian Lake is like a huge stomach. It collects nine rivers, such as the Tang River, Fu River, Luo River, and Juma River, flowing from the south and northwest, and then merges into the Haihe River from the east of the lake via Zhao Wangxin River and Daqing River.

  The vast waters, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate make Baiyangdian a summer resort in our province. The four seasons here are clear, the water is bright and the sky is beautiful. In spring, the reeds come out of water, and the lake is full of green. In the early morning, the red sun shines through the bottom of the lake, and Baiyangdian seems to be wearing a green belt. In summer, the lake is full, the water is diving, the green reeds are swaying, the diamond leaves are bright, and the lotus Tuyan is a scenery of water villages; in autumn, reeds are flying, rice is fragrant, ducks and geese are clustered, lotus and rhombus are everywhere, and small boats are shuttled, fisherman songs come and go; in winter, the ground is frozen and frozen, a piece of jasper, just like a huge picture The mirror is inlaid in the field of Jizhong.

Baiyangdian is rich in aquatic resources and is a famous freshwater fish farm. It is rich in more than 40 kinds of fish and shrimps such as salmon, carp, herring, shrimp, and river crab. In addition, aquatic plants are everywhere and wild ducks and geese inhabit. People here can fish and shrimp and dig lotus roots., Shuang can hunt all kinds of waterfowl, busy all year round. Therefore, it is known as the cornucopia of Nitjin and gold in all seasons.

The characteristics of Baiyangdian tourism are: by motorboat or wooden boat, crossing the crisscross reeds, green water, blue waves, white reeds, geese and ducks in groups, full of fat fish, full of fishery style, and second, taste the fresh water, Baiyangdian is rich in fish and shrimp. The shrimp is large and thick, and the fish is large and tender. It is a delicacy at the banquet. Third, you can watch the fishermen pull the net to fish. You can even go down to the lake with the fishermen to experience the life of the fisherman. Have your own fishing rod and go fishing while rowing.

 There are many places of interest near Baiyangdian. Many ancient emperors visited here for summer heat and water hunting, and there are many palaces and historical legends. If there is a lake called Liaowangdian, it is said that the emperor Qianlong fell into the water and was rescued by fishermen. Relevant departments are also constructing Shuibo Liangshan Palace, Imperial Palace, large swimming pools, water sports parks, and wildlife viewing areas in Baiyangdian, and will set up several villages with folk customs for tourists to visit.

The people of Baiyangdian have a glorious revolutionary tradition. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the people of the Baiyangdian region established the famous maritime guerrilla team Yanyan, which used the river and lake harbour to carry out guerrilla warfare, and made the town fearless.

Baiyangdian is in Anxin County. From Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, it takes more than an hour to reach Anxin County by expressway. From the county seat to the attractions, you must go to the Baiyangdian tourist pier. The county seat is 5 kilometers away from the pier. You can go to the attractions by boat on the pier. If you take the Baojin Expressway to Baiyangdian, after going down the highway, you can drive directly to the pier along the expressway.

(3) Take the Beijing (Beijing) An (Anxin) line highway, take a car (with a special shuttle bus) from Beijing Muliyuan to Anxin via Gu an and Baigou to Anxin, 170 kilometers.

The round-trip shuttle bus from Baoding Coach Station to Anxin County runs every 20 minutes, and another individual bus departs from Baoding Laochenggen every 5 minutes.

There are 120 hotels in Baibaiyangdian Scenic Area. The hotel s daily reception capacity reaches 16,000 people, and the hotel s daily reception capacity is 7,000 people. Including standard and general-grade beds, some hotels have superior suites, the price is moderate .

River crabs and prawns are a must-order regular dish after you have come to Baiyangdian. In addition, there is also a dish of boiled small fish (also called one pot of fresh) that is also very special. The pancake is made of 6 kinds of flour, including corn noodles, soybean noodles, millet noodles, mung bean noodles, Baiyangdian water chestnut noodles, and Baiyangdian lotus root noodles. The small fish is a kind of wild fish that grows naturally in the waters of Baiyangdian. The method is to use a large iron pan to bring live small fish into the pot, add more soup, then paste a cake on the side of the large iron pan, cover the lid, cook for an hour on low fire, and bring the fish out of the soup. Because the pancakes are close to the fish, the pancakes will taste a little fishy after they come out of the pan. They are sweet, fragrant, and crisp. They are very unique and must be tasted. The price ranges from 30 to 40 yuan.

In Baiyangdian, you must bring your own food, because when you enter the Dianzi, you eat more surprises than you eat rice, the name of the dish is endless, strange. Important note, do not eat in the tourist area. Recommendation: you can drive Eat a little far away, which is usually a place that locals often go, and the price is not too exaggerated. Stewed catfish may be 80-120 \\\\ catty in Dianzi, and may be about 30-40 \\\\ outside. Red duck eggs are recommended to go to the manufacturer yourself Buy it directly. There are many duck egg factories in the local area. We usually buy it from the manufacturers ourselves.

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