Baishan Ski Resort Tour, Baishan Ski Resort Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Baishan Ski Resort is located in Kucangou, a northern suburb of Baishan City, only 3.8 kilometers away from the city center. It is the only winter snow sports venue in Baishan that integrates cross-country ski professional training and alpine skiing, tourism and entertainment, and sports and fitness. The ski area covers nearly 400 acres, with two 300-meter and 500-meter long alpine ski tracks and a 40-acre recreational ski resort. It can accommodate 500 people at the same time for alpine skiing, snow sledding , snow sledges, and snow. Motorcycles and other snow entertainment. The ski resort is surrounded by mountains and undulating mountains, with a quiet environment and convenient transportation. The ski area is equipped with high-end ski equipment such as cross-country skiing, alpine skiing shoes and snow battles, snowboards, etc. It also has ski equipment, clothing rental halls, lounges and tourism merchandise services. Another 3,000 square meters of food, accommodation, The Ice and Snow World with entertainment in one, provides tourists with elegant, spacious and comfortable entertainment environment.

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