Baili Island Tour, Baili Island Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Baili Island is located in the Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone in the Pearl River Mouth, Guangdong Province. It is 3.8 kilometers long and 3.2 kilometers wide, with a total area of ​​about 8.026 square kilometers. It is 18 nautical miles from Zhuhai urban area, 29 nautical miles from Hong Kong Lantau Island in the northeast, 81 nautical miles from Guangzhou in the northeast, 16 nautical miles from Macau in the northwest, international anchorage and international yacht fishing area in the north, and international waterways in the south. The route to the sea must pass through. It has always been a major military place. The island s national defense highway is in all directions and has abundant fresh water resources, including 65,000 cubic meters of freshwater reservoirs and many facilities.

What s more interesting is that Baili Island s natural resources are well protected. There are more than 10 famous scenic spots, such as Baili Penglai, weathered reefs and so on. The island has lush vegetation all year round and more than 10 bays constitute Baili Island s unique natural and human landscape, within the Bodhi Bay, the hundreds of years of history of the ancient temple of Tin Hau shows the long cultural heritage of Baili Island.

According to He Yongcai, the general manager of a tourism development company in Zhuhai that has obtained Baili Island s “lease management” development and management right, after approval, Baili Island, after opening, will protect the military facilities and natural ecological resources on the premise that The development of tourism projects based on the combination of peace and war will highlight military themes and island and marine ecological characteristics. Develop a series of visit-type, participation-type and sports-recreation military tourism projects, establish military expo centers , youth military schools, and national defense education bases, and establish international yacht clubs and sea fishing clubs, diving clubs, and leisure resorts.

Frequency: During the tourist season, there will be 18 flights via Baili Island (one round trip each), and it can reach 20 during the holidays. Even in the off-season, 14 flights are expected.

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