Badaling Wildlife World

Beijing Badaling Wildlife World is a large-scale natural ecological park built on the mountain, covering an area of ​​6000 6000 acres. It is located at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall, the end of the Beijing-Badaling Expressway, and the east side of the newly built Badaling Great Wall large parking lot. It takes about 40 minutes by car from the city, and the transportation is convenient.

Badaling Wildlife World has designed 30 scenic spots and a small reservoir, including 20 animal sightseeing areas and two historic sites; four performance venues (houses); one plant viewing area; one leisure resort area; fitness sports Two places. There are more than 2,000 animals (heads) of 47 species in the park. The park is adjacent to the world-famous Badaling Great Wall. It follows its natural mountains and deliberately preserves the pristine natural features of the mountains and ridges. Although it is only separated by a wall , it is divided between inside and outside. There are large-scale and large-scale populations of various beasts here. Tourists can take a tour bus on a winding 10 km mountain road to watch the fierce and fierce postures of lions, bears, tigers , and leopards from near; Admire giraffes, zebras, macaques, and other tame animals in the pedestrian zone and play with them. In the wilderness of the mountains, there is an ancient Roman-style animal wild restoration f ield. Visitors can be surprised to see tigers, lions, and wolves preying. Scenes of wild survival training; in the lush jungle, there are several rare white tigers, which are eye-opening; the ancient Great Wall makes people feel the vicissitudes of Chinese history and cultural heritage.

The Shepherd stumbled upon the Sakyamuni Stone Buddha, who had been annihilated nearly a thousand times, sitting in a natural stone cave in the mountain with kind eyes. Now, Buddhist monks have opened their doors and continued to bless all sentient beings at the foot of the Great Wall.

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