Badaling Residual Great Wall Natural Scenic Area

The Badaling Residual Great Wall Scenic Area is located 5 kilometers southwest of the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area. Here, the mountains are steep, the ditch is dangerous, the Great Wall is connected by city gates, and the fort is facing each other. Due to the preservation of the original, although it is incomplete, the strong peak still exists, and the broken wall remains. On a residual word.

The Great Wall of Remnants is a testimony of history. In the seventeenth year of Ming Chongzhen (1644), Li Zicheng established the Daming Kingdom in Xi an. He personally led a large army expedition, crossed the Yellow River into Shanxi, passed the Datong Kexuan government, drove straight into the army, and entered the Xiongguan Pass Badaling. He was full of sorrow, and the local old man offered a plan and turned to Shixia Pass. Tang Yingzhong made the first move away. Li Zicheng broke into the gap and forced Beijing. Later generations compiled this historical event into a Peking opera titled Three Doubts, which was widely circulated. The Badaling Residual Great Wall Scenic Area not only witnessed this major historical event, but also witnessed the construction of the largest military defense project in human history.

The Badaling Residual Great Wall Scenic Area not only has the beauty of ancient culture, but also its natural landscape and environment are more beautiful. Yesterday and in this mountain today, the helmet on the ancient Great Wall is red. The sandfield expedition is not seen today, so naturally it still laughs at Dongfeng. The natural scenery of the Badaling Residual Great Wall is endless. The“ Xinghua Po ”flowers bloom every spring, and silver waves and pink waves; In the summer, the“ Jinghua Valley ” converges into a blue ocean, with occasional breeze waves … They surround the Great Wall, They guard the Great Wall of Remnants!

Transportation: It takes 50 minutes to drive along the Badaling Expressway from Beijing. Deshengmen can also be reached by taking bus 919 to Badaling Town

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