Australian travel considerations

The weather in mainland Australia is generally changeable, so it is recommended to bring a folding umbrella and raincoat with you. The Australian season is the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. December to March are the hottest months, and June to September are the coldest months . The temperature difference between morning and evening in summer is large. Please refer to the average Australian temperature and bring appropriate clothing. Convenience is the principle.

Certificate: When leaving China, you need to provide a valid passport and an international ticket to the destination. You must also fill out an exit card. For the first time, please bring your valid ID card.

Luggage: According to the regulations of the airline, each person can only carry one checked baggage and one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 20 kg (the size must not exceed 22 inches X 14 inches X 14 inches) If the checked baggage exceeds the required weight, the airline will charge a high overweight fee.

The seats in the cabin are arranged in the order of English letters A, B, C, etc. If the husband and wife are not together, don t worry, wait for the plane to take off smoothly before adjusting it. At present , domestic flights to Australia are all non-smoking flights. Smoking is prohibited during the entire flight. When the FASTEN SEAT BLET is displayed in the cabin, it means that you are wearing a seat belt. For your safety and the guests of the whole machine, please observe it.

Food is provided on the plane (meals are arranged according to flight departure time, flight time and arrival time), small points are provided in the middle, and members of the group can consult the flight attendants in detail.

Do not bring animals, any part of the animals, and products in contact with animals, including equipment, eggs, biological samples, birds, fish, insects, corals, shells, honey products, stuffed food, etc.

Entering the customs, all immigrants must complete a yellow entry card with personal information. This form has a Chinese version in addition to the English version. To enter the customs, passports, visas, return tickets and related health certificates are required for inspection .

Australia is a country with low man-made pollution, so they maintain and maintain their original style as much as possible, and strictly prohibit the entry of various items that may endanger their natural or cultural landscape.

It is forbidden to bring all kinds of fresh items into Australia, especially food, especially meat. Others such as vegetables, plants, seeds and animals are prohibited. If you really need to bring food to enter, it is best to declare on the entry card and undergo inspection, and do not take the risk to pass the barrier.

Australia and New Zealand are a disease and disease protection area because they are two islands and can be isolated from some of the most dangerous diseases in the world. These diseases not only endanger rare wildlife, but also endanger livestock, Crops, trees and other plants . Only a few countries in the world have not been affected by the following disease-causing diseases. Australia and New Zealand are one of them. It has no foot-and-mouth disease that affects livestock, Newcastle disease that endangers poultry and wild birds , and rabies—all Hot-blooded animals, including human killers, Australia is the only continent free of rabies. These diseases must not be allowed to invade Australia and New Zealand, so Australia has a strict quarantine department to seriously implement animal and plant disease control.

The following items can be brought in separately if the quarantine conditions permit and have been certified by the Australian quarantine authority in advance. These permits must be obtained before you travel overseas. These items are:

Some items can be brought into Australia, but relevant proof must be presented to the quarantine officer upon arrival in Australia. The quarantine officer will check these items and return them to you if they do not carry animal or plant diseases or pests. If necessary, the items will be processed and returned to you later. These items are:

If you have any animals or plants with you or in your luggage, you must declare it when you arrive in Australia. Failure to do so may result in a prison sentence of up to ten years, with fines and jail sentences if necessary.

When you join a tour group or you have already started a tour, the travel agency has arranged all the services for you, so please do not propose ideas such as changing the itinerary.

Group activities are the safest way to travel. Please avoid leaving the group without permission. When you disembark to the destination, please pass the passport and round-trip air ticket to the team leader for safekeeping. At the same time, it is convenient for the team leader to confirm the return flight of the team and check in the hotel. Register for work. In order to prevent the loss of documents and air tickets, leave a copy of the documents and air tickets in advance, if they are lost, in order to apply for reissue certificates or compensation to foreign units and airlines.

Australia is a model of modern civilization. Hello, Thank you, Sorry and other civilized words are constantly heard. Ms. is the priority. Spitting, smoking, littering are not allowed. Do not speak loudly in public places Avoid queuing in public. Cut in line.

When participating in large-scale sightseeing spots or arranging free activities and free shopping, remember to gather time and place. If you want to leave the group to go to the bathroom or other matters, you should also say hello to the team leader and teammates .

Please keep in mind the time and place of assembly during the journey, and strictly observe it. If you encounter special circumstances during the journey, you must adjust it, and the guide arrangement notice shall prevail. During the entire itinerary, no guest may leave the group without the approval of the tour leader and tour guide.

In order to avoid unnecessary things, please strictly observe team discipline during the journey, obey all tour guide arrangements, and pay attention to helping each other and respecting others. Never offend public anger or discredit and insult others in words and behavior.

When traveling, there is a lot of mobility, thieves are everywhere, and thefts happen from time to time. Therefore, valuables such as cash, cameras, and jewelry must be carried with you. When walking, pay attention to theft from the back . When leaving the hotel or restaurant, you must carry your valuables with you. If you lose the items, you must be at your own risk.: Public places such as stations, airports, restaurants, hotels, etc.

When you arrive at the hotel, please wait for the room number and key to be allocated in the counter lobby, and pay attention to the business card (content: hotel name, address, contact phone number, etc.) for the hotel you are staying at. Remember the room number of the leader and guide to stay in case of emergency. Before returning to the room, you must ask for breakfast time, place, meeting time and place tomorrow.

Conventional Comparison of conventional three-star hotels in Australia with domestic hotels. Generally, hotel lobby, elevators and rooms are small, there is no shopping mall, and facilities are practical and simple.

After entering the room, please immediately check whether the facilities in the room can be used normally. If you have any questions, please immediately guide the tour or the team leader to report it for quick processing.

Australia s tap water meets drinking water standards, so most hotels do not provide boiling water service, so if guests have a hot drink habit, please be sure to prepare your own water appliances. The voltage in Australia is 220V, and the power plug is a three-pin flat plug, which is not the same as in China, and the hotel does not have a steering plug. Please bring your own Australian Standard conversion plug. Most Australian hotels have shower facilities. There are no water outlets outside the bathtub. Please shower curtains when bathing to avoid water overflow.

The flushing position of the toilet in each hotel is slightly different. Please find the switch near the toilet to flush the water. Do not throw the toilet paper into the toilet to prevent the toilet from being blocked.

The method of closing and locking the door of each hotel room in Australia is different. Please pay attention when the door is closed when you go out. Do not leave valuables in the room. The hotel is full of tourists from all countries. If the valuables are lost, please guide the tour in time. Or the team leader will report the situation and try to recover the loss. Closed-circuit television programs are generally available in hotels, but you have to pay according to the viewing time. Therefore, do not touch any buttons with PAY or P on the TV remote control. The drinks and snacks in the refrigerator in the room are not Free, before check-out, if you have used drinks or food, please inform the tour guide and pay now. Try to avoid calling in the hotel room, because the hotel will charge a high service fee and surcharge, it is recommended that the most economical way is to use a magnetic card or coin phone. Australian international long distance note: China area code: 0086 Phone magn etic cards can be purchased at gas stations, small shops, cigarette shops, newspapers, etc. Please understand in advance for your tour guide. Please do not wear pajamas and slippers outside the room or in the hallway and dining room, and make big noises . Chat in the room, please close the rooms to avoid affecting other guests.

Your breakfast is served at the hotel s western restaurant. Because of the domestic habits of the country, breakfast is inconsistent and generally simple. When using breakfast, please choose an appropriate amount. Do not leave too much on the plate or take it away . This is in Australia. It is extremely impolite.

Lunch and dinner for dinner are arranged at a Chinese restaurant that suits everyone s tastes (long-distance journey dining at the expressway fast food restaurant). The standard is one table for 8-10 people, each table has five dishes and one soup (No restrictions on meals, appetizers with small sauces of pepper sauce).

High-speed luxury buses are mainly used for the whole journey. The lower level is a trunk and the upper level is a seat. There are two front and rear doors to board the vehicle. Sometimes there is a toilet at the middle door, but do not use it at will. Toilet or supermarket on the road.

In order to protect the lives of drivers and guests, Australian transport laws require drivers to sleep for more than 10 hours a day and work for no more than 12 hours. Therefore, drivers who require extra work at night are often refused.

No ice cream, peeled food, smoking, etc. are allowed on the car. Slippers are not allowed on the car, because the places you visit every day must be visited on foot. The feet are easy to sweat and odor, and the car is an enclosed space with an odor. It is easy to hang in the car and stay together.

In order to protect long-term tourism, many local tourist administrations in Australia do not allow parking or only get on and off, so there will be some roads in the parking place and the tourist area, or you must move faster when getting on and off. Please give us all directions When you get on or off the bus, you need to ask for the assembly time and the parking place of the tour bus.

The tour includes a full-time foreign driver, a local Chinese tour guide and a professional licensed leader. Tipping is customary abroad, so please prepare 5 dollars per guest per day to encourage them to serve you. (Delivery days are calculated based on the total number of days)

The self-funded project is a recommended project. Guests should participate as appropriate in accordance with the principle of voluntary self-funding. The self-funded activities of the tour guide will not have any compulsive factors. (For specific items and fees , please refer to confirm itinerary)

Please do not forget any of your belongings in hotel rooms, restaurants, tourist buses and other public places, otherwise our company will not be responsible for any loss.

Our agency has purchased travel personal accident insurance for you before your departure, but according to the requirements of the National Tourism Commission, it is recommended that tourists purchase personal travel insurance.

Because you are holding an ADS tourist visa for traveling to Australia, you must return your passport to the team leader for custody abroad. After the tour, you will be collected by the team leader after arriving at the domestic entry airport and returned to our agency for verification.

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