Ashgabat Cliff Cliff Stele

There are two cliff cliff inscriptions on the cliffside of Ashhadada Village in Jiangnan Township, Jilin City, and the south side of the Jifeng Railway Tunnel. It is an important historical site for the study of the Ming Dynasty s administration of the northeast, and it proves that the Ming government did build ships here in order to communicate the relationship between Liaodong and Nurgandu Division at the Heilongjiang mouth. The inscription records that the commander of the capital of Liaodong in the Ming dynasty led Liu Qing to lead shipbuilding in Jilin three times in 1420, 1425, and 1432, and recorded the construction of the Dragon King Temple at that time.

In order to strengthen the protection of Mo Shi, in 1983, the relevant unit built a pavilion at the first monument, engraving: The commander of Jiachen Dingyu, the Ugly Riding Horse, and the Liaodong Capital Division commanded Liu Daming Yongle to pick up the age of the ugly Zheng Yueji. . A pavilion was built at the second monument. Engrave: General of the Shipbuilding Corps of the Chin Committee and Commander of General Liaodong Capital Division commanded Liu Qingyong to lead the army for eighteen years. Hongxi led the army in the first year of this year. Seven years of leadership in Xuande and the establishment of the Dragon King Temple Yongle. In eighteen years, Xuande was founded in seven years and Xuande was rebuilt in February 30th.

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