Anyang City Ruins [Jiaozuo, Henan]

The site of Anyang City is located in Anyang City Village, Anyang Township, northeast of the urban area. It is Anyang City in the Spring and Autumn Period. Xiuwu County Chronicle contains: Spring and Autumn Nanyang City is thirty miles northwest of the county, also known as Anyang City. At present, only the eastern wall is more obvious, with a residual of more than 100 meters and a residual height of 1-2 meters.

In fact, this is mainly because you want to come here. If you like history, then you go to the Yinxu Museum. There is no need to divide the seasons at any time.

If you are visiting the Red Flag Canal or the Grand Canyon in Linzhou, the best time is spring and summer. In this season, there are many mountains and water, and you can see many different landscapes.

If you come to Anyang, you do n’t need to worry a lot about accommodation. There are several hotels in the city center that can be used in high-end hotels. The price is around 200 yuan per day.

If you are going to a scenic spot far away from the city (such as Lin Gushan), you can consider the local farmhouse, which may cost about 20 yuan a day (without meals).

In the ancient capital of Anyang, there are three treasures in the diet: blood cakes, peels, and rice noodles. These three foods have a strong local flavor and will never be seen elsewhere. And there are some more unique snacks. For example, Anyang s Sanbuzhan and flat noodles. When it comes to flat noodles, you can only say one word. Of course, it depends on your personal preference. I prefer it.

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