Anning Hot Spring Tourism

The forest is lush and the environment is quiet. There are many natural underground hot springs. According to rumors, in the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the water source was plentiful, clear, and the water temperature was between 40 ° C and 50 ° C all year round. It was colorless, odorless and of excellent quality. It contained a variety of minerals and trace elements required by the human body. It has certain curative effect and can better promote human health. Xu Xiake, a great traveler in the Ming Dynasty, praised that year: I see hot springs in southern Yunnan the most. This water is really the first and must not be bathed. Many celebrities have inscribed the first soup in the world.

There are other scenic spots worth visiting in the surrounding Yunya Cliff and Stone Carvings, and Caoxi Temple. If you want to visit these attractions, you only need to take a tourist bus here, the price is negotiable. There are also horse-drawn carriages for tourists to choose from. There are special flavors in the carriages. Of course, don t forget to negotiate the price before getting on the bus.

Traffic Tips: The round-trip fare from Kunming to Hot Springs is about 40 yuan / person. To Anning Hot Spring Resort, you can take a bus at Xiaoximen Suburban Bus Station in Kunming City, or Xiyuan Bus Terminal, which is not far away . Many trips are very convenient.

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