Anima Qingshan [Qinghai Guoluo]

Animaqing Mountain, also known as Ma Jixue Mountain or Ma Qinggangri, is 6282 meters above sea level and is located in the northwestern part of Maqin County, Guoluo Prefecture. It is one of the ten largest peaks in China.

Anima Qingshan, majestic mountains. The mountain is composed of sandstone, limestone and granite, and consists of 13 peaks. The average altitude is above 5900 meters. The highest peak called Maqin Baomula has a zigzag shape. Due to the high terrain, the climate is changeable. The ice peaks are magnificent. The glacial area is about 126 square kilometers. There are 57 glaciers. The Halong Glacier on the northeast slope is 7.7 kilometers long, with an area of ​​24 square kilometers and a vertical height difference of 1800 meters. It is the longest and largest glacier in the Yellow River Basin. The strange glacial world is full of sights and crystals. At an altitude of 3600 meters to 3800 meters, there are cold and temperate coniferous forests such as tall green spruce and cypress; 3800 meters to 4000 meters are alpine thickets composed of golden deer plum, mountain willow, and cuckoo, and an open area near the snow line It is alpine ranch. In the forest area, white-lipped deer, sno w leopard, snow chicken and other wild animals inhabit.

Not only Animaqing Snow Mountain is not only beautiful in nature, but also fascinating legends have shrouded her a mysterious color. Anyi in Tibetan means ancestors and old men, and it means beautiful atrium, happiness, or grandeur. Maqing in Tibetan means the largest mountain at the source of the Yellow River, and it is also majestic. The local Tibetans believe that Animaqing Snow Peak is one of the 21 sacred snow mountains in the Bokawa Tribute. The Spar Overseas Chinese Belag, who ranks fourth among the gods of the earth and earth, is the most powerful mountain god that dominates the mountains and rivers. The mountain gods have great powers. The Tibetan compatriots are convinced of God. Anima Qingfeng has such great power and naturally becomes worship. In the place of the Tibetan calendar, Year of the Sheep or Shenmen (Niguo) and Xuemen (Ganguo separated years), worshippers carry simple gear, stoves and food, and they are exposed to the wind, snow, mountains, and wind. Tenacio us perseverance worships the mountain for a week, then it is considered to be devout and worship, to achieve the purpose of eliminating sin and ascension of the soul. A week around the mountain, it usually takes seven or eight days to walk, and the conditions are very difficult along the way, without tenacious physical strength and Perseverance is difficult to support. On the way to worship, worshippers will encounter many strange natural phenomena, such as strangely shaped landforms, strange rock formations, and unpredictable weather. Please ask Xiaoxi Water sound, waterfall Milky Way landing, all kinds of wild animals, … it all seems God has given them a gift, Animaqing peak is a fantastic world.

From Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, by car to Maqin (Dawu), the location of Guoluo Prefecture, the whole journey is 638 kilometers and it takes 2 days. However, sometimes heavy snow covers the mountains in winter and traffic is temporarily suspended. From Ma Qin, along the east ditch to the north to Xueshan Township, the total distance is 55 kilometers. Flash floods often occur during the rainy season, which hinders traffic. From Xueshan Township, transfer to horses or cattle, and go back 30 kilometers west of the Muqu River to reach the mountain climbing base at the end of the Quhal Xiaoma Glacier.

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