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I set off from Hangzhou alone (in the Hangzhou Grand Prix) on the afternoon of September 17th (Friday), and the journey took 6 and a half hours. Overnight at Tangkou, dawn Yungu Temple cable car climbing, morning sightseeing in the east. Haixin Pavilion set off into the Grand Canyon at noon, and came out of Paiyun Pavilion more than three hours later. This is the true purpose of all self-guided tourists. The scenery along the way is not described here, and each returnee and traveler will taste it carefully. It is worth mentioning that I made a group of Zhejiang University classmates in the valley, and then traveled down the mountain to accompany them all the way.

宿 Looking at Tianhai at dusk that evening, sunrise towards Ci aoyu Peak, crossing the Lotus Peak, and arriving at Ciguang Pavilion at noon. It is a pity that Tiandufeng has never been able to climb since it was closed in 1999. In fact , the routes are based on previous travel notes. They are very different, and the physical scenery is relatively high. There is no need to say the scenery along the way (in fact, the scenery changes from mood, a reasonable and smooth trip will bring you a wonderful stroke), What I want to talk about here is food, clothing, accommodation, and some precautions along the way.

Limping: Because this time from Hangzhou, and I believe that all travellers will not miss this good place in Hangzhou. The buses from Hangzhou to Huangshan are all from the West Railway Station. You must buy a Tangkou (namely, a scenic spot) bus . The latest bus is at 14:40. The drive is 6.5 hours. The Huizhou-Hangzhou Expressway is said to be open to traffic at the end of October, but it is estimated that by the end of the year, 300KM will be 3 hours. Huangshan will also be a good place for Hangzhou citizens on the weekend. The bus from Tangkou to Hangzhou is at 17:00 at the latest. For example, you can go to Hongcun or Emerald Valley after going down the mountain at noon. Another route is to arrive in Huangshan City (Tunxi) in the morning by train or plane, and then play all the way to Hongcun Village and Emerald Valley. It is strongly recommended that the cable car go up the mountain. For Huangshan Tour, energy is the most valuable (the weather is the second and the third is money). It is not a waste of that road. The downhill can be determined according to the state at that time.

Hold on: This is an important point. Usually two nights: one night at Yamashita Tangkou and one night at the mountain. There are small hotels everywhere in Tangkou Town. It is not easy to find a house in high season. The price of standard room is also around 70 yuan. The conditions are better than I expected. Of course, this is not a big city. When you go out, the requirements are not too high. But beware, the rooms on the mountain have to be implemented here ! The better hotels on the mountain are Beihai, Shilin, and Baiyun. The standard rooms are about 900. For self-tourists, it is more economical to choose a bed in a 5-6 person room with independent guards, and the price is about 240 / person. Because this day is a tiring day, a hot bath and comfortable sleep are the guarantee of watching the sunrise and climbing the lotus peak tomorrow (the tractor should not exceed 11 o clock). Also, this room has an electric kettle. Drinking water will be replenished here. The room without a guard also costs 150 / person, and there is only half a bottle of water that I have not opened.

Most of the rooms on Laoshan have been monopolized by the team. I was puzzled from Monday to Friday. I lived on the mountain on Saturday. When I arrived at the front desk of the hotel, I was a little bit drooling about can I get a discount? The sentence Is there a bed? Is also superfluous. I can only say Is there a certain room? It s hard, the selling point of those small hotels under the mountain is here. They have a good relationship with the mountain, and they can get a team price of about 150 per person. I visited Wangxiushan this time, and the room was implemented well. It was Baiyun Hotel, and I also made the students of Zhejiang University make full use of the room resources. However, when you make a reservation, you must implement the specific time. If you change it, you must inform the other party immediately. Do not make it difficult for the owner of the small hotel to make the reservation.

A little Here is a little suggestion to Mr. Cheng, Wang Xiushan: Your bathroom does not provide towels and toilet paper. I dont agree with the towels. The customers generally use their own, and it is a waste to provide. But dont leave the toilet paper so cheap. If the customer wants to wipe the dirt of shoes, where do you think he would wipe without the paper? Also, the canes, ponchos, and maps from your shop are not troublesome. I have used ponchos, but the most useful for self-guided travelers is the map, which has a hand-drawn Grand Canyon route. After returning, my friends looked at the photos and were very excited. I took this map to explain them in detail . They had more than I had when I went. Boss Cheng is advised to print his own phone number on the map, because this map can be passed down among a group of self-travelers, and the advertising benefits are quite good.

食: There is nothing to say in this regard. The expensive food on the mountain is justified. Watching the hardships of the porter along the way, you will understand the price on the mountain. Bring enough food for a few meals on the mountain, bring meat and high calories as much as possible; bring water for one day, and try to add it at night. This thing is too heavy, you can bring a bottle or two of sports drinks. Bringing things up the mountain must be eaten before going down the mountain, and you can t carry them down, because eating a sausage on the mountain is worth 20 yuan. When you bring it back down the mountain, it will be beaten back to its original shape and devalued. If you do nt want to bring too much food, there are ways to do it. Tianhai is a gathering place, and the hostel is crowded, but walking into a few steps to Tianhai Village Restaurant is less crowded and the price is a bit expensive, but order a fried rice, a large bowl, enough Three people eat 30 yuan. How many pieces of meat are there? You can also have vegetables in the spot of corruption. Two or three people can have a meal at 70 ~ 80. Don t forget to fill the kettle. Of course, to avoid group opening hours, they are usually before 12:00 and 18:00.

Travel: There are several attractions to mention. Guanyin Peak and Lion Peak on the northeast side both turn around, and self-travelers must come to an end. The team turned to the stalagmite peak and monkey watching the sea. And the scenery at the end is unique. The self-traveler can be posed vertically, lying down, which is very different from other people s attractions. The climate of Huangshan is very special. The weather is very good at sunrise in the morning, but the fog rises from 1 to 7 o clock until 12 o clock, and then it disappears for a minute or two. I waited for half an hour at each of these two points, and there wasn ta tourist coming here. Of course, the Grand Canyon is even cooler. Recall that the guides led a group of friends along the way, pointing remotely to a cloud of fog, and explained uniformly: This peak is like a monkey, and the peak is like a pig and eight elephants … … It s foggy now, so is the weather in Huangshan. OK, let s go on….. So the g roup of friends was facing a cloud of fog, wondering whether they were exerting their imagination or fretting. Sorry. The Grand Canyon is for everyone to taste. Zhejiang University students and I spent 3 and a half hours. Of course, it took a lot of time to take pictures, but after all, it was a group of young people, huh, huh. We entered Haixinting and Paiyunting, and it is reasonable to think back. Paiyun Pavilion is not easy to go because it is steep.

There are some small things. It is useful when walking with a cane up a steep slope, but you can also use your hand to climb the railing to use it. It is basically useless to go down the mountain. A poncho is useful. There are often showers on the mountain, and you can sit on the ground without rain. Also, when we came all the way to the foot of the mountain, more than half of the knee joints were overworked and hurt a lot. It is recommended that you alternate the support feet when going downhill to avoid excessive strain on one leg. It s best to wear knee pads, or prepare some medicinal tapes. It only took 3 days for me to get better.

When you climb Huangshan, there is no mountain in the world; if you go through the Grand Canyon, there is no wonder in Huangshan. Pitifully I haven t made it yet, and I ve entered the canyon. Is there really no mountain ? No. Huangshan, next time I will be on the snow!

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