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From Yibin City, a major town in the south of Sichuan, over 70 kilometers along the Jinsha River westward, after passing Pingshan County, and then along the winding mountain road 37 kilometers north, you reached Longhua Town.

  Longhua, is a small town with mountains and rivers and ancient styles, still named after Longhua Temple. To the south is the rolling Laojun Mountain. Dalong Creek and Xiaolongxi meet at the north exit of the town and flow into the Minjiang River. The Baxian Mountain Scenic Area faces the ancient town across the stream. The environment is beautiful, the customs are simple, and there is the largest standing Buddha in the world today. ——— The Eight Immortals Buddha. Due to the barrier of the mountains , Longhua has kept its historical features intact, and is known as the ancient town living fossil.

Of   Longhua Town s geographical location was very important in ancient times. It was the place where Yi and Hans fought. During the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liangnan conquered Meng and once led his army into Liangshan from this area and crossed the Jinsha River into Yunnan. There was a post station in the Ming Dynasty. In the first year of the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng (1851), a safety camp was built here, and the capital was set up as a gate, the garrison, and the city walls and gates were built. So far, the ancient town still retains two old village gates, the former site of Dushangmen, and the barracks.

Strolling   strolling through the ancient town, Longhua s characteristics come to the face: ancient bridges, ancient streets, ancient alleys, strong ancient style. A characteristic stormy bridge, Longhua Liang Bridge, like Changhong lying wave, spans the Xiaolong Creek. Step on the Liangqiao, but see the row of ancient banyans on both sides of the Longxi River, the branches and leaves of the stream, the flowing water, the ducks playing in the water, the stone pier in a row, the sound of the mallet. The dwelling houses on the shore are scattered, and the smoke is smoky … a small bridge, flowing water, and other people s market style paintings.

After crossing the Liangqiao and entering the Guzhaimen, I entered the three streets in the Qing Dynasty, which are still intact. They are called Shunhe Street, Xinjie, and Long Street, all of which are slab-paved roads, only three or four meters wide. Gravure was left on the stone road. The left and right sides of the ancient street are full of wooden houses. The first floor and the bottom are staggered, layer by layer, extending to the center of the town. Shunhe Street is built along the stream, and it is scattered. Sanguanlou stands next to the stream. The new street is actually an old street. All of them are buildings of the Qing Dynasty. The long street is actually not long and winding. The Longhua Temple on the main street, because of its long history, has only the site pillars and some buildings, but it is not far away. The Yu King Palace, which was built during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, is basically intact. Seven high-relief ancient theaters on both sides of the main temple platform The story paintings are exquisitely carved and lifelike, such as Zhao Kuangyin Washing Horses and Rescue, Three British Fighting Lu Bu, Long Banpo, etc. Deep relief embossed patterns connect these pictures, which are quite decorative and beautiful.

八 Baxian Mountain is 850 meters above sea level, with a relative height of 420 meters. The mountain has eight peaks. It is like eight Arhats lined up in a row and meditates cross-legged, so it is called Baxian Mountain. The standing Buddha was chiseled on the fuchsia cliff of the main peak. According to archaeological experts in the province, the Buddha was built at the end of the Ming Dynasty and has been more than 400 years ago. It is a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit. A newly-built climbing stone ladder with a width of about 2 meters is 1716-level, which leads directly to the top of Danxia Cave on the top of the mountain.

Eight.   Baxianshan Buddha is 32 meters high, the China Encyclopedia listed in the world s top ten Buddha statues, Baxianshan Giant Buddha list. The top ten buddha statues sit or lie. The head of Baxianshan Buddha is snail-shaped , wearing a tortoiseshell, dignified and solemn, with the left hand as the chest, the right hand drooping, and the palm of the hand facing outwards, leading to the deep relief relief. In March 2001, after the two 53-meter-high and 35-meter-high standing Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan were ruthlessly destroyed by artillery fire, the Eight Immortal Buddha became the world s first standing Buddha. Unfortunately, the Big Buddha was only chiseled to the knee, and if it was chiseled to the foot, it could increase at least 10 meters. The local people said that the Buddha s foot must not be carved. If the foot is carved, the big Buddha will have to wash his feet. Every summer, the Longxi River will flood and flood. Wouldn t it be against the compassion of our Buddha?

The Baxian Mountain Danxia Cave Group is composed of 9 caves, all of which are Buddhist and Taoist relics. The shape is a beam and pillar of imitation wood structure. Each hole has a pair of plaques and beautiful carvings. The most peculiar is the door couplets on the left and right sides of Yuhuang Cave:

入 When the night lanterns first came on, the town became an ocean of joy. Dozens of dragon players danced the lanterns in the sound of gongs and drums and paraded along the street. The town suddenly boiled, and people occupied the favorable terrain one after another, lighting up homemade bamboo tube fireworks and spraying them at the dragon lights. At this time, dozens of fireworks formed an intertwined fire net, and the meteor showers were as follows, the scene was very spectacular. Firecrackers on the roof, in front of the window, and on the streets are all screaming, the smoke is rolling, the fire is gleaming, and the sound of gunfire is bursting. The dragon is tossing in the fire and sparks.

Traffic   1, traffic: If you want to go to Longhua Ancient Town, you can take a luxury bus directly to Yibin at Chongqing Railway Station, from 6:30 to 13:30, there is a bus every half an hour, the fare is 70 yuan each. Then transfer from Yibin Bus Station to the bus to Pingshan County, the fare is 12 yuan / zhang. There are five buses from Pingshan County to or from Longhua Town: 7:00, 11:00, 13: 00, 14:00, 16:00. The fare is 8 yuan each.

Accommodation   2, Accommodation: Longhua Township Government Guest House, Grain Station Guest House, Baxian Guest House, bed 10-15 yuan per night, good health conditions, convenient washing.

Diet   4, diet: Longhua s special snacks include leaf yam, corn yam, and spicy jelly are all cheap and good. You can eat 30 yuan a day.

Longhua Town ’s most secure and sanitary accommodation number is Longhua Town Government Guest House, which is relatively safe and hygienic. Although it is not comparable to the conditions of large cities, it is also quite good in this ancient town.

Chongqing Railway Station takes a luxury bus directly to Yibin, from 6:30 to 13:30, there is a service every half an hour, the fare is 70 yuan each. Then transfer from Yibin Bus Station to the bus to Pingshan County, the fare is 12 yuan per ticket. There are five buses directly to Pingshan County or through Longhua Town at 7:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, and 16:00. The fare is 8 yuan each. Chengdu North Gate Bus Station to Yibin luxury bus, rolling off every day from 6:30 to 18:30

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