Ancient Tea Tree King Tourism

According to experts research and research, there are two ancient tea tree kings in Erhai County, confirming that Xishuangbanna is the world s origin of tea and the earliest place for planting tea. This can be confirmed from the two ancient tea kings.

The oldest one is in the virgin forest of Dahei Mountain in Bada District. The tree is 34 meters tall, 3.3 meters in circumference, and more than one meter in diameter. It is estimated that the tree is over 1700 years old, that is , it has survived from the Three Kingdoms era to the present, and it has grown well. The tea of ​​this tea tree contains simple catechins up to 46.05%, which is much higher than the cultivated tea in China, which has a high curative effect on modern diseases such as hypertension and a preventive effect on cancer.

Another plant in Nannuo Mountain, one of the six largest camellia teas of Pu er tea, has a tree height of 5.4 meters, a tree width of 10.9 meters by 9.8 meters, a main trunk diameter of 1.38 meters, and a tree age of about 800 years. It was seeded by the Song Dynasty. This tea tree has a strange shape and a simple catechin content of 30%, which is higher than that of general cultivated tea trees. Tea can still be picked up to now. There are old tea gardens on the slopes of Nannuo Mountain. There are also many Hani villages scattered on the mountain.

Traffic: The west line of the tourism just passes through Nannuo Mountain, get off at Xiangyang Village in the middle of Jinghong to Erhai County, visit the tea king tree on Nannuo Mountain, and experience the original life and customs of the Hani people living in the mountain for generations.

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