Anchang Ancient Town Tour, Anchang Ancient Town Tickets

The ancient town preserves several miles of Yihe Ancient Market, quaint shops, dwellings, unique workshops, patchwork penthouses, twisty and deep slate alleys, and ancient small stone bridges, making Anchang Ancient Town attractive. More and more tourists come here for sightseeing.

  Anchang s small bridge is very distinctive, arches, beams, pavilions in various forms, various poses, quaint and elegant, known as blue water runs through the streets, rainbow crosses the river seventeen bridge reputation.

  In Anchang, you can also see the strong folk customs of the south of the Yangtze River. The folk customs of Shaoxing for thousands of years are vividly exhibited here: lively water village community drama, festive boat welcome, traditional handmade winemaking, shuttle awnings Boats … and even blessings, wrapped dumplings, skewered sausages, white sugar, and more.

  With the opening of the Shaoxing Master Museum, Anchang Folk Customs Museum and Anchang Culture and History Museum and other ancient residences renovated based on the master s former residence, the ancient town has added a rich The strong humanistic atmosphere makes the ancient town truly a promenade of water village culture, a long scroll of market customs and a long street of specialty goods.

Tourists  Tourists can go to Shaoxing first, and then take the Anchang CMB bus from Shaoxing Passenger Center or North Bus Station, every 6 minutes from 6am to 5pm. Because Anchang is closer to Shaoxing, it is recommended to live in Shaoxing.

There is Anchang Hotel in the small town. However, it is recommended to live in Shaoxing. There are many hotels along the Jiefang Road in Shaoxing, ranging from 30 to 100 yuan.

Self-driving from Keqiao intersection of Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, about 5 kilometers to Anchang Town. By bus, you can take Anchang CMB bus from Shaoxing Passenger Center or North Bus Station, every 5 minutes from 6am to 5pm.

You must try the specialty bacon and chicken in An An. Anchang people are very good at using soy sauce. There is a kind of special Renchang soy sauce in the ancient town, which can be brought home to your mother or your wife, they will definitely like it. It is sold in many shops in the town.

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