Analysis of the cost of tourism in the ten countries that Chinese people like to go to the world

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In the eyes of many people, as long as they travel abroad, they will have to pay a lot of money. Every time a tourist accident occurs in a certain tourist destination, even in Southeast Asia, which is famous for low consumption, there are always netizens commenting in the comment area of ​​the news report, “Fortunately, I have no money,” “Wow! All the tourists who visit here are local tyrants!”, It can be seen that there are still many people who think that traveling abroad is expensive, and there are many people who cannot afford this money.

Now, there are more and more similar rumors on the Internet: With 2,000 yuan, you can travel to Southeast Asian countries! Are these rumors reliable? With more than ten years of overseas travel experience, let me give you an in-depth analysis of the consumption levels of the top ten popular tourist countries in Asia.

Vietnam-Going to be a millionaire?

The direct flight from China to Vietnam is not too expensive. The maximum one-way ticket is not more than 1,000 RMB. It is cheaper to take a bus from Nanning Bus Station to Hanoi, but it costs 170 RMB for a trip. In general, the journey to Vietnam + visa cost will not exceed 2000rmb.

Now, 100 yuan can be exchanged for about 3.4 million Vietnamese dongs. This is how the stalk of the millionaire goes to Vietnam. But how much do we, the millionaires, spend in Vietnam last week?

In recent years, more and more people are traveling to Vietnam, which has caused prices in popular tourist cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to increase significantly compared to previous years. Take the Vietnamese capital Ho Chi Minh City as an example. In terms of food and beverage, a meat baguette probably ranges from 25,000-35,000 Vietnamese dong (about 8-10 yuan), which seems to be more expensive than our pancake fruit and hand cakes? A bowl of Vietnamese rice noodles ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 VND. This is only the price of a roadside shop, and the price is comparable to the Lanzhou ramen restaurant. In a local restaurant, if you are not satisfied with a bowl of glutinous rice + some stir-fry dishes for RMB. At the lowest price, a minimum of 47 yuan for a day s meal!

As for the accommodation, five-star luxury hotel has 2 million nights, 1 million VND can stay in a three-star hotel, and 100,000 VND can book a good hostel bed. In terms of accommodation, Vietnam is cheaper than China!

Minimum cost of accommodation

Capsule Hotel 24rmb excluding tax

Minimum dining expenses

Minimum cost of transportation

Souvenir minimum cost

Vietnamese Durian Cake Within 10rmb

From Vietnam to Vietnam, transportation costs 340rmb for round trip, visa 203, three meals a day at the lowest price of 47 yuan, the lowest price for a night s hostel is calculated for daily accommodation, 4 days and 3 nights to visit Vietnam only 774 yuan! 2000 yuan to visit Vietnam is possible. If the food and accommodation are calculated at a medium price, an extra budget of 1000 will be more reliable!

Laos-Affordable fruits, but can t afford Chinese cabbage!

Vietnamese dong is used for Vietnam and Kip is used for Laos. The income of Lao people is not high, but the cost of living is not low at all. 1 yuan can be exchanged for about 1,300 kip, and the minimum price of a bowl of rice noodles in Laos is 12 yuan. Mekong buffet hot pot is 47 per person. When eating, it is not much cheaper than China, but it is especially cheap compared with European and American countries!

Accommodation is calculated according to the minimum standard, and a night is about 100,000 kip, which is 79 yuan! The general inn is more expensive, in the early 200 yuan! Star hotels are more expensive, they can t be won without 400+ . When visiting Laos, it would be more affordable than staying in a hostel if you share the accommodation with multiple people!

Because Laos has to import oil from foreign countries, local transportation costs are particularly expensive! Thailand s 20 baht, which is 4 blocks of 5 double cars at a time, minimum 8 yuan in Laos! Rent a motorcycle for a trip, at least 120 yuan a day! However, flying from our country to Laos is still very convenient! You can take AirAsia to Laos around 1300, and international trains are cheaper, but in the early 400s!

Laos fruit is not expensive, tropical fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan and durian are much cheaper than domestic ones! However, Chinese cabbages that Chinese people eat are ridiculously expensive, and Laos s agriculture is not well developed. It is difficult to produce Chinese cabbage so far. Therefore, Chinese cabbage in Laos is roughly 15,000 kip per kilo, which is 11 yuan! If the Chinese aunt travels to Laos, I m afraid that she might yell at local vegetable farmers!

Minimum cost of accommodation

Minimum dining expenses

Minimum cost of transportation

Souvenir minimum cost

As long as you do n’t eat Chinese cabbage, staying in Laos for 4 days and 3 nights may cost a little more than Vietnam, but you can start bravely in your early 3000s!

Cambodia-not simple at all!

We all have a stereotype. We always think that national strength is declining and the level of consumption should not be high. However, Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in Asia, let us slap our face in a flash. Cambodia is not simple at all, and prices in some cities are even close to Beijing, the capital of China. Prices in Cambodia differ from north to south, and between urban and rural areas. Buying the same thing in the city and in the village can be 5 times worse ! In the south, the price of fruit is much lower than China, and in the north, it is much higher than China. So when traveling to Cambodia, it is best to play in the south!

Eating in Cambodia should be the most expensive in Southeast Asian countries. The cheapest fried rice on the roadside is $ 1.50. Any order in a small restaurant starts at $ 3-5. A better restaurant is more expensive. A meal of $ 30-40 for two people is a normal thing in Cambodia. No wonder local people, except for teachers and civil servants who have higher incomes, everyone eats just glutinous rice + a little stir-fry.

Cambodia s railway transportation is not developed, and even high-speed air routes are scarce. There are only 3 airports in the whole country! Therefore, Tutu cars and motorcycles have become the most common means of transportation in Cambodia, but tutu cars, buses and other public transportation fares are much higher than China! After the bargain, the tutu car will start at 1-2 US dollars, and the driver will directly ask for 5 US dollars. Therefore, many people think that when traveling to Cambodia, it is more reasonable to book a charter service online!

The boundary between Cambodia s high and low seasons is obvious. The low-season accommodation price is slightly lower. The lowest price is only about 7 US dollars, with air conditioning is 15 US dollars, and star hotels are 20 US dollars. But in the peak season, the price of star-rated hotels will directly increase by 30% -50%!

Minimum cost of accommodation

$ 7 off-season, up 30% in peak season

Minimum dining expenses

Baked Fried Rice $ 1.50

Minimum cost of transportation

Souvenir minimum cost

Gumbo Peppers $ 5

Travel to Cambodia, in a word, it is simple food and accommodation, but it is not simple to spend at all! If you want to achieve 2,000 yuan to visit Cambodia, you probably registered with a travel agency for that ultra- low-cost group!

Myanmar-spend the least money to eat the most food!

When traveling to Southeast Asia, the prices in peak and low seasons are really very different. However, usually, in Myanmar, if you stay in a youth hostel, you need to spend 50-100 yuan, if you stay in a hotel standard room line yuan. This price is actually normal in the Southeast Asian tourism circle.

In terms of diet, Myanmar is not too high. A special Burmese breakfast is about 1,000 MYR (6rmb), and a Chinese set meal is about 5,000 MYR (30rmb). Fruits are so cheap that you can buy dozens of strawberries for 500 MYR . Food travel here, you can eat the most food for the least money!

Wherever you travel, traveling by car is essential. A one-day carriage ride will cost about 20,000 Burmese, or about 114 RMB. If you want to provide a separate line to watch the sunrise and sunset service! Charter a boat to visit Inle Lake for 102 yuan a day! If you go to China, you can rent a car for a day!

Minimum cost of accommodation

Minimum dining expenses

Burmese special breakfast 6rmb

Minimum cost of transportation

Souvenir minimum cost

Calculated from the three aspects of food, accommodation and travel, it is more than enough to travel to Myanmar.

Thailand-the biggest increase in three years!

Here, I want to tell you the truth, Thai tourism is fattened by Chinese tourists! Go to Thailand every few months and you will find that prices have doubled again! The price level reported to my friends before has not existed long ago ~

Next, let s take a look at prices in Thailand. The cheapest youth hostel in Bangkok, Thailand, is about 60rmb per night with air conditioning. There is a difference between Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai and other cities with and without air conditioners . Without air conditioners and fans, the minimum stay is less than 40 yuan for a night!

Serving a Thai-style fried kway teow noodles, no matter in the night market or in the food court of a large shopping mall, it will not exceed 70 baht. Even when traveling on islands like Krabi, a pineapple fried rice won t cost more than 150 baht. Freshly squeezed fruit juice may be more expensive now, but it won t cost more than 60 baht! Gather at a small restaurant that locals love, and the minimum per capita can be controlled within 40rmb!

Thailand s public transportation is probably the most convenient one among the countries mentioned above! Local public transportation in Thailand is very diverse. There are buses, BTS, tutu cars, double cars, taxis, etc. Double cars are beckon and stop, generally only 20 baht. Farther will charge more, depending on you Encountered driver.

However, what I want to talk about most is the Thai ticket system. Locals only need tens of baht for tickets, but foreigners need 500 baht! Although I booked online in advance and I could get a ticket at a higher price, I still feel that the fare is poor and a bit excessive!

Minimum cost of accommodation

Niche city 40rmb one night

Minimum dining expenses

Thai Style Fried Noodles 70 Baht

Minimum cost of transportation

Double car 20 Baht / person / time

Souvenir minimum cost

In general, although traveling to Thailand now, although prices have risen, on the whole, it does not include air tickets and saves 2,000 yuan. It is also possible to play in Thailand!

A little lower than domestic consumption-Malaysia

Malaysian consumption is cheaper than Sri Lanka and more expensive than Thailand in the entire Southeast Asian tourism circle. In the capital Kuala Lumpur, if you want to stay at a hostel with an infinity pool, you can t get it without 120 yuan! Of course, only in Kuala Lumpur will we pursue hostels with swimming pools, such as Penang, Malacca, Langkawi and other cities. Single rooms can be booked for about 60 yuan. If the line for two people stays in their early days, they can stay in the homestay. Five-star hotels are a bit more expensive, generally starting from RM350. If you want to travel poorly, you basically have no chance with hotels above Samsung.

Although Malay also has subways and buses, locals usually travel by taxi. However, as long as you download a Southeast Asia taxi software grab, various coupons will be issued to you every major festival. After the coupon is deducted, the discount price for a trip is generally MYR 5-20, which is more cost-effective than domestic. Some. Kuala Lumpur has a free sightseeing bus specially set up for tourists. The bus covers the main attractions of Kuala Lumpur. If you go out by free sightseeing bus , the transportation cost can be greatly reduced.

Eating in Malaysia, being thrifty. If you eat in some tea rooms and food stalls, you will be able to eat tens of ringgits. A meal of Bak Kut Teh is only 30RM, and a stir-fried mouse powder is also MYR11. It would be too expensive!

When you travel to Malay, the best deal is probably to buy it, right? Consumption tax has been completely cancelled this year. Brand-name clothing and big-name skin care products that are lower than domestic ones will only be cheaper! Local consumption of accommodation and catering will also be reduced to some extent with the elimination of consumption tax.

Minimum cost of accommodation

Minimum dining expenses

Stir-fried Mouse Noodle 11

Minimum cost of transportation

Free sightseeing bus

Souvenir minimum cost

Old Street White Coffee 19rmb

In 2017, I traveled to Malaysia. I mainly visited Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Malacca. Air tickets, visas, accommodation, various transportation costs, food costs, etc. cost almost 3,500 yuan. However, I have been playing locally for nearly half a month, on average Down, travel to Malaysia is still very cost-effective, if 4 days and 3 nights of line yuan is extremely likely to win!

Hot island consumption will be too expensive-Indonesia

People usually go to Indonesia to visit popular islands such as Bali, and because of the large number of tourists, the consumption of these islands will be slightly more expensive. The paddy fields, Jingdamani volcano, and Agung volcano foothills are mostly near cafeterias. The per capita cost of simple meals is about IDR 100,000, plus taxes and fees, a buffet is about 75 yuan, from the price Look, it s not particularly cheap!

Eating on the island, around 80-150rmb per meal is a normal price. For example, Indonesia s particularly famous roast pork rib rice, dirty duck meals, etc., are expensive. However, many hotels on the island provide breakfast service , and the variety is rich and diverse, you can eat a full breakfast before going out.

Compared with popular islands and beaches, some places with fewer tourists will consume less, which is roughly the same as the consumption level of second-tier cities in China. A cup of freshly squeezed juice is 12-15 yuan, a fried rice is 15 -18 yuan, an 8-inch pizza is about 40, and the Indonesian-limited blue cola that is popular in China is particularly cost-effective to buy locally, without using 10 yuan!

When traveling to Indonesia, if you want to buy souvenirs, Ubud market is a great place. A small bottle of local essential oil is about 60,000-70000 Rupiah. One pack of Indonesian coffee is one pack. Cat feces coffee will be more expensive , 80-100 yuan. Ubud market often sells a variety of wood carving gadgets, small wood carvings about 10-15 yuan, the price of souvenirs, as long as you bargain, generally not too expensive!

Minimum cost of accommodation

Youth hostel minimum 30rmb

Minimum dining expenses

Minimum cost of transportation

Souvenir minimum cost

Indonesian coffee within 10rmb

In Indonesia, the difference between the cost of eating seafood and the cost of burgers is particularly large, and some people have not spent the Indonesian rupiah of 500 yuan for 7 days in Bali. But for ordinary people, 300 yuan per person per day is enough. Counting 4 days and 3 nights, in addition to air tickets, 2,000 yuan can also play, but must be carefully calculated, you can save it!

The overall price is lower than domestic-Nepal

Travel to Nepal, if you travel poorly, 20rmb can get three meals a day. If you go on a tour, you can spend five or six hundred casually. The local exchange rate is 1rmb: 16 Nepalese rupees. Next, I will share with you local prices in Nepal for reference.

In terms of food and beverage, local small shops on the streets of Kathmandu sell meat fried noodles and fried rice for only Rs 50-100, and rice set meals are around Rs 80-350. The local KFC, Rs. 29 for a cone , Rs. 299 for a burger set, Rs. 1,549 for a barrel, plus 10% service charge and 13% government tax. Of course, these can be removed in small shops.

Living in Nepal, if you want to save money, try to stay in a Chinese hostel or bed and breakfast. Generally, a bed in a quadruple room costs about 100 rupees, and hotel standard rooms range from 350-1000 rupees. The better Guest House is priced in US dollars, which is about 20-35 US dollars, but free breakfast is provided.

Out Traveling in Nepal, you can charter, play, or take a bus. Local public buses are cheaper than tourist buses, but the conditions are not very good. The fare between Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan is about 500 rupees. If you take a taxi, it all depends on your bargaining power.

Compared with Thailand, I am satisfied with Nepals ticket policy. As long as you disguise yourself, you can enter it for free. The more famous Durbar Square and the Temple of Burning Corps basically do not need to buy tickets. At the ticket muzzle, you can also go out before entering. With a Chinese passport, the Durbar in Badgung only costs Rs 100, and the monkey temple is free to go up from the back mountain! Tickets cost nothing in Nepal.

Nepals have gradually become slick over the past two years. For local traders, the Chinese are rich and rich. So during the high season, bargaining Chinese can be seen in almost every store on the streets of Tamil. If you don t bargain, buying local handicrafts is easy to be slaughtered!

Minimum cost of accommodation

Bunk Chinese Hotel Beds Rs 100

Minimum dining expenses

Rice Set Rs 80

Minimum cost of transportation

Charge 500 rupees a day

Souvenir minimum cost

Nepal Tea Bag 10rmb

Traveling in Nepal, plus the line of accommodation is enough, playing around last week including the cost of local entertainment items such as Pokhara gliding, rafting, visa fees and so on! However, the airfare from China to Nepal is still higher than Thailand and Malaysia!

Tickets are more expensive than accommodation-Sri Lanka!

Compared to the rising stars of Nepal and Myanmar, Sri Lanka s tourism industry has been developed earlier and the cost is relatively high. If it is a chartered car, it may cost 40-60 US dollars a day! Buses and trains are cheaper , and buses are only a few bucks across the city. Tickets for two-hour trains and third-class cars are only 50 rupees! Tutu cars can bargain with the driver at 50rs / km. If you want to save money in Langka, if you want to save money, you will save a lot by public transportation!

If you go to Sri Lanka to play, and it is still a kind of line rmb in the form of play at attractions, it is not enough. Generally speaking, if you want to have fun in Sri Lanka, a travel budget of 3000- 4000 will be more suitable!

Pakistan with a monthly salary of 3000 can really become a local tyrant!

Other consumption in Pakistan is the price of cabbage! There are many attractions, most of which are free, and some are charged. But even for the super-popular Pakistan Monument Museum, the entrance fee is 200 rupees, equivalent to 12 yuan, which is almost the price of cabbage!

It s about 1 yuan for 1 kilometer. Depending on the model, chartered cars only cost 100rmb a day. Isn t Thailand so cheap?

Probably the most affordable of the many countries listed today! Local juice is cheaper than Thailand. A bottle is 1 yuan? 100 yuan a pound of domestic cherries, Pakistan only sells 30 yuan? (Sorry, I m going to Pakistan for three pounds .)

A monthly salary of 3,000 in Pakistan, can really live a luxurious life like a tyrant! Ladies and gentlemen, hurry up and set off!

Pakistan Pakistan is the cheapest consumer among the top ten popular tourist countries in Asia! 2,000 per capita can travel abroad and 3000 can be a local tyrant, while the other nine countriescan travel with a monthly salary of 3000, but you may want to plan your budget well!

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