American Travels-Canberra

Canberra-In the morning, we drove to the capital Canberra. The journey on the road is more than 3 hours. Canberra is a new city that was built to calm the capital dispute between Sydney and Melbourne. Because of its special identity, Canberra looks dignified and serious compared to other cities. We visited the Parliament House, the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and the Embassy District. Canberra s Capitol (newly built) consists of the Senate and House of Representatives (as it seems to be called, a bit forgotten). The parliament hall is designed to be simple and peaceful but noble. According to the guide, there are many links for the ordinary people to listen to politics. It looks very approachable. On the walls of the corridor around the parliament hall, huge portraits (photos) of the Queen of England and the past and current leaders of Australia are unknowingly respectful. There are sofas for parliamentarians and some walls There are historical murals with unknown details. Some local elementary school students also come to visit under the guidance of teachers. They must be receiving history education from an early age. The students look neat and spiritual, but the children are too obese, their legs and waist are too young. It looks particularly stout, and it seems that the weight loss measures should be implemented in Australia. The exterior of the Houses of Parliament is very beautiful, the heights are peculiar, the Australian flag is flying above it, there is a circular pool in front, and there are many countries on both sides. The national flag (probably the country with diplomatic relations), opposite the old Parliament building, the white building complex, is a bit like the Little White House. In the distance, there are some concepts surrounded by green hills. We then went to the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, which was displayed in the hall. Famous buildings in Australia now and in the past (by now, the Shanghai City Exhibition Hall has not been vi sited), its The wisdom and creativity embodied in it are self-evident. Then I went to visit the embassy area. The embassy area in Canberra gathered almost all the embassies and consulates of Australia with diplomatic relations. It was divided into different areas in the form of a continent. Admire the various architectural styles of different countries. The Chinese ambassador is a traditional glazed tile building in the Asian area, with the Chinese flag flying on it, and the facade is very wide. Let s get off and take a picture. After visiting all the itinerary content, we will drive Back to Sydney.

Brisbane-is another bustling city in Australia. We went to the city for sightseeing, and visited the distinctive City Hall Square, surrounded by buildings with various functions. In the middle is a square green belt surrounded by railings. There is a famous church not far away. The guide will let everyone Stopped at a bell tower, gave some explanations about the city s style, pointed out some scenic spots for photos, and let everyone freely move. Let s go shopping on a spacious, arched and open street to see if there is anything to choose from. Round wooden chairs are distributed every not far from the center of the street, and greenery is transplanted in the middle The plants make the streets somewhat casual. In a shop selling chocolate for diabetic people, I found a group of Australian beauties, white and tender skin, bright eyes, slender body, very beautiful and naive taste, accompanied by vibrant vitality, is a beautiful humanities in the city landscape .

At the scheduled time, we drove to watch the Story Bridge, and we went round and round on the bridge. We originally thought that the tour guide would tell what story. There was no special story, but the name of the architect was STORY \\\\ (the meaning of the story), so called STORY BRIGHT \\\\ (the Story Bridge ). The guide took us to a high slope near the bridge, and we could watch the quiet river flowing through Brisbane by the railing. The water was very pure, sparkling like a satin, with white sails on it, it felt like a A lady, watching the people watching calmly and naturally.

At night, we took a cruise at our own expense to take a cruise on the river where we had stopped during the day. The night was beautiful, and the two sides were high-rise buildings with different attitudes. All the windows were lit. The guide said that it was for us. In order to attract tourists to enjoy the night view by boat, the Brisbane government requires that all buildings along the coast must be lit. The lights are brilliant and clearly outline the appearance of the building and other buildings, which is very impressive. We went ashore in a lively place and walked along the shore to see the various buildings across. After a short stay, we drove up the hill and overlooked the night view of the entire city from the top of the hill. An artist at the top of the mountain was performing dangerous acrobatics, which was very thrilling. Everyone did not forget to give alms to others when they appreciated it. Brisbane in the night is charming and beautiful. The guide asked everyone to loo k up at the sky. Oh, what a clear night sky, moon-colored staff, and stars twinkling. Among the many constellations, the guide accurately pointed out the Orion constellation. Everyone looked up to this mysterious constellation for a long time . Constellations with numerous connections. Until the downhill, the Orion Constellation seemed to accompany it all the way, illuminating the itinerary. Then the guide took everyone to a street cafe, and the whole street was filled with the smell of coffee, so it was pleasant. We sat together and tasted the famous Cappuccino coffee, happily passing our last night in Australia.

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