American beauties came to China to travel at night and found themselves wrong at the hotel after 1 m

American beauties came to China for tourism, and did not dare to go out at the hotel at night, but found themselves wrong after 1 month

We all know that China s position in the world is not as high as it is now, and there have been many foreign media reports on China, which is not very good. For example: China is very poor and backward, and Chinese transportation is bicycles. And so on. Later, China s development became better and better. We all witnessed it. Until now, our international status has become higher and higher.

As a result, more and more people are visiting our country, not only countries such as South Korea and Japan, but also big countries such as the United States. There was a girl from the United States who came to China before, but she had something that made people feel funny. Let s learn some funny things together.

The girl said that in the first month she had just arrived in China, she was like everyone else during the day and went to various attractions. But when she arrived at night, she went out in the hotel. In fact, we all know that in some places at night The scenery is even more beautiful than the daytime scenery. But this American girl doesn t go out after 7pm. Why is this?

It turned out that the hometown of American girls is a messy place. It is not safe for a girl to go out at night. Therefore, American girls have developed habits with them for so many years, and they dont go out at night. And in their memory, no matter where they are, the night seems to be more chaotic.

After a month, American girls seem to have discovered that they seem to think too much, because he slowly discovered that there are still many people in the streets and lanes at night in China, not only men, but women, The elderly and children, so she tried to go out. He wandered around and found that law and order in China is much better than her hometown.

And it is totally different from her hometown, which also made this American girl fall in love with China. No wonder so many people like to visit China, and many people are willing to settle in China because we in China give them peace of mind.

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