Alishan [Chiayi, Taiwan]

Alishan belongs to the branch of the Yushan Mountains and consists of 18 large mountains, including Dawuluan Mountain, Jianshan, Zhushan, and Tashan, which span Nantou and Chiayi counties. According to legend, one of the chiefs of the Zou tribe, Abali, came here to hunt alone, and often brought the tribe here after returning with a full load. He was named after him because of his memory. In addition to the rich and precious natural resources, the park also retains the cultural resources of the indigenous people of the Zou ethnic group for more than 200 years. Now it is connected with Yushan National Park by the New Zhongheng Highway. It is a forest of both sentimentality and sentiment. journey of.

From Chiayi, you can reach the Ayi Mountain Scenic Area by climbing train for 4 hours. In the area, there are peaks and creeks, and the creeks are vertical and horizontal. There are both cliffs and cliffs and the beauty of the valleys and waterfalls. The highest point is 2663 meters above sea level. Although the mountain is not high, it is famous all over the world for its four great sights: Shenmu, cherry blossoms, sea of ​​clouds, and sunrise. Therefore, it is said that before Ali Mountain, I do not know the beauty of Taiwan.

The railway that passes through Alishan can be called the five odds together with the Four Ali Landscapes (sunrise, sea of ​​clouds, sunset, and forest). The total length of the railway is 72 kilometers, but it has risen from 30 meters to 2450 meters, which is extremely rare. The train reached the peak from the foot of the mountain, hovering along a spiral ladder, drilling a tunnel around the mountain and across the valley, and birds flying under the train wheels. During the climbing, from tall and eucalyptus tropical trees such as eucalyptus, coconut trees and betel palms, to subtropical broad-leaved trees such as evergreen camphor, sassafras, cypress, and beech, to lush red cypress, cypress, subpolar, and agar pine Coniferous trees, above 3,000 meters, are mainly tundra forests. These strange trees form a green ocean on Alishan. When the mountain breeze blew, the mountain forest was like a raging sea and a thunderous thunder, forming Alishan s famous Wanqing Lintao .

Anyone who visits Alishan must see for himself the majesty of the Arishan Shenmu. On the east side of Shenmu Station on the main peak of Ali Mountain, there is a tall tree with a high sky, the body is slightly tilted, the trunk has been broken, but the branches of the tree are green and green, the tree is about 52 meters high, and the tree is about 23 meters. It takes more than a dozen people to hug each other. It is estimated that it is over 3,000 years old and was born about the reign of Zhou Gong. Therefore, it is called Zhou Gongyu and is the king of Asian trees, second only to the giant World Lord of the Americas. There is a strange and interesting Three Generations of Wood in the southeast of Zhou Gongzhen. The three generations of the same tree can wither and flourish, and the trees of the three generations of the ancestors and grandchildren are repeated, which is a magical arrangement of nature. Today, the predecessors of the first and second generations are both dead a nd old, but the third generation is still thriving.

The wild cherry blossoms are another wonder of Alishan. The most abundant cherry blossoms are in the visitor center of Alishan. In the spring and spring, the mountains are full of bright red and white cherry blossoms, piles, clumps, gorgeous, intertwined with the green and tender green of the forest. Qunfeng looks like a safflower with a green background, which is fascinating.

When the sunrise or twilight weather is clear and there are floating clouds, Alishan often displays magnificent clouds. Ascending the mountaintop platform and looking far into the distance, the white clouds rise from the valley and flutter in the wind, sometimes like a sea, flooding thousands of mountains and mountains, and the peaks and trees exposed in the clouds and sea are like floating islands; sometimes they fly over like waves. The climax is repeated; sometimes the ground is covered with snow, and the foot is covered with white; sometimes the valley is piled with snow, and the hills in the middle of the forest are looming, quite like a mirage. If it is sunny, the thousands of golden rays of the setting sun shine on the sea of ​​clouds, shining thousands of colors, brown, apricot yellow, sapphire blue, bright red, turquoise, infinite change, even more mysterious and charming.

Traveling around Alishan, you must watch the sunrise. On the platform on the top of Zhushan Mountain, the famous peak of Ali Mountain, there is a beautiful Sun Watching Tower. In the early morning, when he came to the tower, the air in the mountain was clean and fresh. There were little stars on his head. The surrounding mountains were undulating, and Lin Tao sounded. A hint of redness in the East slightly reveals nothing, but it seems to fill the sky. Suddenly, the red light strengthened, and the pale outline of Yushan in the distance was suddenly set with dazzling gold rims. For a moment, the sun appeared like a leap in the sky, the sky was shining, the roads were colorful, the mountains were green, and the weather was endless. What a sunrise wonder! To Zhushan, you can take a train or step down from the stone road next to the telecommunications bureau and pass through the forest, which is about forty minutes.

Sisters Near Alishan, there are Sisters Lake and Peacock Creek, which are also places for tourists to visit. Sisters Lake is two small lakes that are one hundred steps apart from each other, like the two watery eyes of Alishan. According to legend, two mountain girls are in love with each other, so later generations attached to the meeting and called sister pool. Sister pond is long, with deep water and deep affection; Sister pond is round, with shallow water, clear and mirror-like. The reflections of the trees around the lake are picturesque, and there are gazebos and small bridges.

In the Alishan Forest District, there are other famous places such as Ciyun Temple, Shuling Pagoda, Town Officials, Alpine Museum, and Alpine Botanical Garden. Alishan s scenery is well-known, and tourists are drunk.

Lin an Alishan Hotel, named after Alishan on Taiwan Island, is located at the east gate of the forest city of Lin an. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture hotel built strictly in accordance with the specifications of a three-star foreign-related hotel.

Taipei-Alishan (reservation required): Departure from Taipei every Friday and Saturday at 8:45 pm, and from Alishan every other day at 12.30 pm. The journey time is approximately six hours. The full fare is NT $ 1,000. Station phone: 02-23119893, Alishan Station phone: 05-2679903.

Chiayi-Alishan Line: Non-holiday 9:00 (motorized driving), 13:30, open at 8:00 on holidays.

By car: The main entrance road to the Alishan area is Highway 18, and along this road, turn right at 36 km from Longmei to Jia129 to Shanmei, Xinmei, and Chashan, and turn right at Shitai, 50 kilometers. 169 can reach Dabang , Tefuye, Lijia, turn left the county 169 can reach Fenqi Lake, Ruili, Ruifeng, Taihe, and then Jia 155 can reach Laiji, Fengshan. In addition, other entrances in this area include the entrance of Nantaitai Line 3 via Chashan, the entrance of Beifang County 162jia via Meishan, and the entrance of Dongfangtai Line 21 (Xinzhongheng) via Yushan Park Tartaga.

Due to the topographical factors, roads and railways occasionally collapse due to local factors, but repairs are usually completed on the same day or within a few days. Passengers should pay attention to road conditions before the summer rainy season.

In addition, in the Cantonese dim sum of Alishan restaurant, Xinjiang Bailing Mushroom is used as a stuffing wild mushroom pot dumplings. It is worth a try. The staple food can be a bowl of seafood satisfied porridge, and finally remember to order a Yangzhiganlu came to a close.

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