Alipay and WeChat Pay can use overseas bank cards!

Recently, two major Chinese mobile payment giants Alipay and WeChat Pay announced:

It will be fully open to overseas cardholders, and foreigners coming to China can easily use mobile payment!

I saw this news, I believe that many overseas Chinese will be very chicken. Every time I see that China has entered the cashless era of convenience, I can t help sighing, and now I can finally enjoy convenience .

According to the news released by Tencent Finance:

Under the guidance of the People s Bank of China, Tencent has reached a series of cooperation with Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Discover Global Network (including Diners Club), and JCB five international card organizations to support international credit cards opened overseas and bind WeChat payment. Dozens of merchants covering food, clothing, and housing purchases at 12306 including tickets, Didi Chuxing,, and Ctrip.

Plan the key points-five international cards!

In other words, for Chinese who have lived overseas for a long time without a Chinese debit / credit card, they can now use the designated international cards for registration and binding.

For the cooperation with Tencent, Visa s Greater China President Yu Xueli said that this is not only good news for consumers who travel to the Chinese mainland, but also exciting news for the entire payment industry.

WeChat WeChat binding method:

At the same time, Alipay also launched the Overseas Edition!

Yin Ant Financial Chairman and CEO Jingxian Dong said at the second session of the Expo s FinTech sub-forum that Alipay has partnered with Bank of Shanghai to launch the Alipay Overseas Edition for foreign tourists.

It is reported that after downloading Alipay, foreign tourists can use international phone numbers to register and use prepaid cards from Bank of Shanghai to complete transactions. They can use overseas debit or credit cards to recharge 90-day prepaid cards.

Alipay overseas version: 1. First download the overseas version of Alipay by mobile phone 2. Foreign tourists can use the international wire after downloading Alipay. Enter Alipay overseas version 4. Find the Tour Pass 5. Pre-paid card pre-deposited funds provided to Alipay partner Shanghai Bank (100-2000 yuan) 6. Add personal passport information 7. Bind overseas credit card or debit card

At the same time, please note: 1. You can use Alipay mobile payment within 90 days. 2. There is no need to bind a Chinese mobile phone number or bank account. The minimum amount of pre-deposited funds is 100 yuan and the maximum is 2,000 yuan. It can be pre-deposited multiple times. 3. The validity of a single recharge is 90 days. If it exceeds 90 days, the remaining funds in the card can be returned to the user s overseas bank card in the same way.

Recently, a survey on Twitter showed that nearly 20% of foreign netizens believe:

The biggest problem with traveling to China is that you can t pay by mobile phone like the Chinese.

Similarly, some Chinese friends who have been foreign nationals for more than ten years have rarely returned to China to play and want to use the Alipay function, but they are powerless.

If you have trouble living abroad for a long time and cannot use Alipay WeChat without a domestic bank card, then try it out!

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