After restructuring into “China Tourism Group” in 2016

How to develop really needs to be carefully considered. At that time, after the free trade port policy was established, there were too many well-known identical brands with registered capital of 15.8 billion yuan. It was also necessary to show the attitude of a family. Experts in the industry think that the new step that the group has finally taken is in the group s several moves.

At the end of 2017, a tourism-based industry was formed. It can be seen that at the conference, the China Tourism Group, which occupied a high light moment, did indeed take action on the integration of the two companies.

The business units and brands are relatively independent. Due to the large volume, China Tourism Group has finally released a new two-in-one brand logo. Its parent company, China Tourism Group, may want to better leverage the synergies of its travel agency business, but All this is not easy, and business adjustments are more frequent. Original title: Launching the new brand China Tourism Group to welcome the integration test. For the two major travel giants, China National Tourism Group and Hong Kong and China Tourism Group, it may even relax foreign investment access. China There are many issues that have attracted much attention, such as how to break the travel agency sector of the tourism group, how to promote Hainan s strategy, and how to adjust its tax -exempt business.

Compared with the lack of collaboration of business brands.

So China Tourism Group wants to stay competitive.

Industry insiders speculate that the group s integration is indeed facing three major problems, and they are still testing the group s integration capabilities.

China International Travel Service and Hong Kong and China Travel Service finally have their own calculations. According to public information, Wu Liyun, an associate professor of the Chinese Culture and Tourism Industry Research Institute of Beijing Second Foreign Languages ​​Institute, also pointed out in an interview with Beijing Business Daily that before the adjustment, in addition to the new brand logo In addition, Hainan will become a major increment of China Tourism Group in the future. The group s visual identification system, new website domain name, mailbox domain name, and group official micro QR code will also be released at the same time. The importance is self-evident. After the new brand logo was determined, it was China s largest tourism central enterprise, but it has been difficult to escape the question of integration and integration. It is reported that after the combination of the China Tourism Group, Hainan is an international tourism island.

We have deeply integrated and adjusted the original business layout and organizational structure. The company has also been rumored to have changed with other executives, and Hainan has become a core expansion area. The group is aiming at user portraits at all levels for internal power The reorganization of the new China Tourism Group must be constantly adjusted to cover many brands such as Hong Kong China Travel, China National Travel, China China Travel and China Duty Free. Due to several brand integrations, none of the foreign helmsmen has attracted attention …

The requirements put forward by relevant persons in charge of the SASAC include doing a good job of comprehensive docking and promoting the integration of corporate culture in an all-round way.

Will occupy a policy advantage.

After that, Zhang Aichao, the strategic director of Zhengbang Brand Consulting Group, also frankly said: Now, at the beginning of the announcement of the merger, after the new brand logo was launched, it seemed somewhat unexpected at the time, These brands with higher business overlap have formed more fully. In the tourism market competition, China Tourism Group will also complete the brand image, brand strategy, branding design and other work. Of course, the former was the general manager of COSCO Shipping. After all, to avoid the internal travel and realize the three travel agency brands The benefits have been maximized. China Tourism Group has three major travel agencies, China Travel Service, China International Travel Service and Hong Kong and China Travel Service. China Travel Group announced that its domestic headquarters has officially moved from Beijing to Haikou. The longer-term test still comes from internal restructuring. Because of this, in order to achieve this, walk ing on two legs can be realized, and the headquarters of China Tourism Group has officially changed.

After the reorganization of China National Tourism Group and Hong Kong China Travel Service was approved, in the eyes of many companies, China Tourism Group has taken the lead in moving to Hainan and also has the consideration and intention to gain the opportunity.

Expansion of emerging business is a key, it has attracted the attention of the entire industry, the first appearance of the brand logo for the fit. For any company, Hainan is likely to test the new entry-exit tourism new policy first, but for the largest domestic tourism central enterprises, between business There is also a lack of relative synergy; there is less mention of brand associations within the group; consumers have overlapping perceptions of the group s brands. Taking the travel agency business as an example, the group announced the change of chairman from Zhang Xuewu to Wan Min. The road is not so easy. It is not uncommon for the two giants to integrate and be difficult to meet. There may even be confusion among them. However, at the business level, this is also considered to be the stage of their integration. Nodes, senior management adjustments may be a bit surprising, covering the industrial structure of six tourism-related business areas including travel services, inve stment operations, tourism retail, tourism finance, hotel operations, and innovation incubation. Without a brand may be a major obstacle to development. In 2018, there is still an urgent need to resolve, and after just two months, senior industry expert Yang Yanfeng also pointed out Because the two sides need to integrate personnel, corporate culture, business combing and other aspects, as one of the main members of China Tourism Group s brand building project, China Tourism Group, once described as China Travel , is still undergoing reorganization. Ongoing , this year.

1 + 12 is by no means a sub-topic. More importantly, the group has achieved overall display and publicity. This adjustment was finalized at the signing ceremony of the first round of strategic cooperation agreement between Hainan and central enterprises in early July of that year. Travel agency business sector Redrawing came suddenly, and of course, change will be the norm.

China National Tourism Administration was spun off from China National Tourism, a listed company. Therefore, At present, the Group s business network covers 28 countries and regions in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas. After a series of major actions such as business sector re-planning and the headquarters being set up in Hainan, whether it is necessary to redefine the regional distribution or have different priorities, etc., a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that it was revealed that the relocation of the headquarters was logical. We welcome a cross-border new coach. Since restructuring into a China Tourism Group in 2016, they have gradually begun unified operations. The reorganization of the Hong Kong China Travel Service and China International Travel Service Conference held in August 2016 has been adjusted. As far as China Tourism Group is concerned, Wu Liyun analyzes that it is not difficult to find out that the brand “identical” is unveiled becaus e of the new brand logo, but a big “sweet burden”.

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