Aershan National Forest Park

Aershan National Forest Park is located in the southwestern foot of the Greater Xing an Mountains, Inner Mongolia. The Aershan National Forest Park contains the first peak of the Greater Xing an Mountains-Terme Mountain (1,378 meters above sea level) and Daer an Lake, the first lake of the Greater Xing an Mountains. There are Shitang forests and Tianchi lava flowing and condensing when volcanic eruptions with unique Asian characteristics.

Aershan National Forest Park has a unique northern scenery. Its mineral spring resources are unique and rare in the world. It is world-famous. The mineral springs are clustered for drinking, bathing, and healing. It also has the three elements of sunlight , air, green advocating in the tourism industry today.

When arriving at Aershan, you can take the train and coach from Ulanhot. It is recommended to take the train. There are two trains from Ulanhot to Aershan every day. You can enjoy the view of the window in the morning.

Scenic forest scenery, taking the evening flight can take pictures of the repeated cooking smoke in the morning in the Alshan forest area the next morning, the morning shuttle is an express train without sleepers; the evening car is a slow train, there are two sleepers

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