Adopt a panda? Want to see the Prime Minister? What foreign tyrants have in mind for Chinese tourism

Nowadays, in our opinion, foreign cultural practices are not surprising, and traveling abroad is also a common occurrence. But foreign countries still have some wonderful misunderstandings about China. When foreign tyrants come to China for tourism, they often come up with some very magical requests from time to time: some want to adopt a national treasure in the Sichuan panda breeding base, and even ask to meet the prime minister.

It is no wonder that the wealthy people in China are traveling abroad. Similarly, foreign tyrants are full of longing for travel to China. They let travel agencies customize their itineraries to cater to their wonderful ideas: sit down on the Great Wall and enjoy dinner, or watch a special exclusive Kung Fu performance.

Guy Rubin, a managing partner of a travel company, said: About ten years ago, traveling to China was a bit like going to Tanzania. The only difference was that we could not hunt. At that time people always thought: China is What s so fun? Only bad food and cheap hotels. But now China has made tremendous progress and is gradually being faced by people. His company is now specializing in luxury travel routes in China.

Moreover, China has paid more and more attention to its own propaganda, which has made foreign tourists have confidence in traveling to China, and they are also very curious to confirm through their eyes. Actually China has always been a very safe tourist destination, and now it has become more comfortable, said Sarah Keenleyside from Beijing Custom Tour Company.

According to the United Nations Tourism Highlights Report 2018, China is the fourth largest tourist country in the world, with approximately 60.7 million international tourists visiting each year. Some agencies predict that China will overtake France as the world s number one tourist destination by 2030 .

Keenside said, China has always had amazing food and culture, and now it has a growing network of high-speed rail lines and many of the best hotels in the world. Combining these, China has become a perfect one. Travel destination.

In terms of accommodation, cities in China offer dazzling choices for travelers. According to a report from MarketWatch, globally, China was the largest luxury hotel market in 2017, with a total market share of 18.58%. Although many tourists still choose to stay in five-star luxury hotels, there are also many people, especially those traveling for families, who are very interested in traditional accommodation. For example, they would choose to book a Beijing Hutong homestay on Airbnb.

Tourists Visitors want a one-to-one tailor-made service and they should be pleasantly surprised by each city they visit. A manager from a hotel in Beijing said. Due to the rapid development of social media, people are craving for a perfect and luxurious lifestyle, and most importantly, they have to make it easy to take pictures: What they eat, where they live, and what they wear, all these Taken into a photo and posted it online. In this digital age, having exposure and being seen by people is very important.

Itinerary planner Jamie Orelana believes that the biggest challenge facing luxury travel agencies now is how to reverse tourists views on China. Modern China occupies a somewhat daunting place in the international community, and a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of it is an important goal for us, he said.

His corporate clients include film director Francis Ford Coppola, actress Natalie Portman, and investment banker Lloyd Blankfein. Keen Leeside remembered traveling to Beijing with fruit sister Katy Perry and Johnny Depp.

Perry is really integrated into the local culture, and she also does many interesting things. For example, the widely spread picture of the split on the Great Wall, and she also customized some clothes with local clothing designers. She said, Depu was very impressed with Beijing s famous 798 Art District, where he met many local musicians.

In addition to these celebrities, the company s main customers include families with children studying in American bilingual schools, women s groups interested in health issues and shopping, and people who want to meet privately with Chinese economists and businessmen.

They They know that China has now become an economic powerhouse and will continue to play an important role in the global economy in the future. This is a typical reason why tourists are interested in China today, said Keen Leeside.

Itinerary planners come up with ideas and quotations based on forms filled out by customers. The table includes the composition of the team, their past experiences and expected travel time, and their budget (but sometimes the budget is not important at all).

Mr Rubin said that some clients were surprisingly rustic, and recalled the sudden visit of Saudi Prince Walid bin Talal Al-Shara to his surprise. He disembarked from his private Boeing 747 in Beijing, and then we prepared 30 high-end black Mercedes for him. But the prince and his entourage chose to take the tourist bus, and as a result we had to face each other with the 30 luxury cars You know, renting these cars in China is still quite expensive, he said.

According to customer requirements, travel agencies use the destination of their choice as the itinerary (the most popular cities are Beijing, Xi an and Shanghai), and then add other purposes based on the customer s interests, such as fashion design, Chinese dance or modern jazz. Ground. Some tourists are keen to discover minority cultures or do not like to take existing routes, while other enthusiastic cultural enthusiasts believe that historical attractions are indispensable.

There are also some customers who want to leave a deep mark by doing charity.

Meditation teacher Lauren Epstein and her businessman husband chose China as their first vacation destination in East Asia because they were interested in Chinese culture and felt that China had good economic strength.

There were many special moments in our journey, but the first thing I remembered was the day of my mother s death. We went to a Buddhist temple. It gave us a chance to mourn her in a special way. This and I do different things in my hometown, Epstein said.

Nowadays, luxury travelers can enjoy various opportunities. But in 1999 China s tourism industry was very rigid, and things like elegant dinners on private cruises in the Summer Palace were unheard of. However, over time, China s tourism industry has become able to accommodate customer-oriented ultra-luxury tourism projects.

Ray Aureliana acts as a receptionist for travel agencies in China, connecting customers with the company and drivers, and as a bridge of communication during the trip to ensure that the entire itinerary is flawless.

Doing this job often requires contingency to deal with sudden changes and unusual demands. A client asked for a polo match in the Inner Mongolia Plain, and an energy technology investor wanted to see a pebble-layer nuclear reactor. Although their company strives to meet the needs of each customer, it is not omnipotent.

Ray Aureliana said that if someone wants to meet the prime minister of the DPRK, or if a famous royal family member visits the Chengdu Panda Breeding Base and insists on bringing back a panda, all they can do is help the customer contact the Chinese Embassy.

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