Admission to Afang Palace

Legend has it that King Qin Yingzheng fell in love with a beautiful folk woman, Fang Ming Afang, but this beautiful love did not exchange for a beautiful ending after all. In order to commemorate this woman he loved deeply, Qin Shihuang spent huge manpower and material resources to build it. The extremely luxurious Afang Palace; decades later, the king of Chu overlord Xiang Yu overthrew the Qin dynasty, heard that Ai Yu Yu Ji was captured, and he was angry and resentful, and burned the Afang Palace with a fire. In three months, the entire mile was turned into ashes. The beautiful Afang Palace, which is as beautiful as a beautiful woman, ended its life in a hurry, with countless blood, tears and sadness.

Beautiful stories are not all comedies, and Afang Palace has precipitated its beauty with its sad color. Today, thousands of years have passed, we can still feel its breathtaking spectacularness from its ruins. Covering over three hundred miles, isolating the sun. Laoshan turned north to the west and went straight to Xianyang. The two rivers melted and flowed into the palace wall. Five steps and one floor, ten steps and one pavilion. Hold each other s terrain and fight with each other. At this time , the famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu described Afang Palace s understanding in Afang Palace Fu . In fact, Du Mu saw only the ruins of the Afang Palace ruins, showing how magnificent the momentum of Afang Palace !!

Now the Afang Palace, a huge palace of the Qin Dynasty, has become a national key cultural relics protection unit. The site is in the area of ​​Afang Village, 15 kilometers west of Xi an. According to records, after Qin Shihuang unified the whole country, the national strength became stronger and stronger, and the population of Xianyang, the capital of the country, increased. In the thirty-fifth year of the first emperor (212 years ago), a palace was built in the Shanglin Gardens south of the Weihe River, that is, the Afang Palace. Due to the vast project, only one front hall was built when the emperor was in office. Historical Records of the First Emperor Qin Shihuang described the Afang Palace at the time : Front Hall, Afang, 500 steps from east to west, 50 feet from north to south, you can sit up to ten thousand people, and you can build Wuzhang Banner, Zhou Chi is a pavilion, straight from His Highness. Nanshan, the top of Table Nanshan, thinks that it is a sacred road, and i t is a complex road. It is from Xianfang to Weiyang, and it belongs to Xianyang. Its scale is huge, labor and people are hurting money, and it is conceivable. After the death of Qin Shihuang, Qin II Hu Hai continued to build. Near the south of Afang Village today, there is a large earth foundation, about 310 meters in circumference and about 20 meters in height. It is built entirely with rammed earth. The locals call it the first emperor on the roof. Near the southwest of Afang Village, rammed soil continued to form a rectangular platform with an area of ​​260,000 square meters. These two places are the most prominent architectural remains in the Afang Palace site.

Today, there is also a renovated Qin Afang Palace in the western suburbs of Xi an. It was built on the site of Afang Palace. It artistically reproduces the front palace of Afang Palace, the Lanchi Palace, the Six Kingdoms Palace, the promenade , the lying bridge, the magnetic gate, There are many buildings, such as Jidihe, with magnificent momentum and spectacular rust. It fully reflects the five steps and one floor, ten steps and one pavilion rendered in Afang Gong Fu; the porch waist is back, the eaves are pecked high; each embracing landforms, intriguing angles … Erchuan melts and flows into the palace wall.. Performed the Qin Emperor s Ceremony, Sending Certificates, Sweeping Liuhe, Jingke and Qin, Xu Fu Dongdu, The Concubine of the Qin Emperor, and Dance of the Seven Kingdoms Palace in and outside the palace hall And other large shows. On holiday, cast court fireworks. Allow visitors to fully appreciate the ancient charm of Qin Palace, which is songs warm together, dance ha ll cold sleeves. At the same time, there are services such as cultural relic exhibitions, entertainment fishing, court dining, leisure vacations, and Royal Dragon Boat. The pavilions inside and outside the garden are shining, water waves are green, evening photos of the giant hall, bells and drums are mingling, choirs and dancing, delicacies and fragrance, Qin Feng Qin Yun, intoxicating.

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