Acheng Tourism, Acheng Ticket Introduction

Ah City is located on the banks of the Ash River, 23 kilometers southeast of Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province. The basic landform is five mountains, two waters and three crops, and the mountains and mountains in the east are lush, and the western plains are rugged. It is the county-level city with the highest urbanization level in Heilongjiang Province. It has been awarded the National Satellite City, the National Advanced City for Comprehensive Improvement of Urban Environment, the National Advanced City for Comprehensive Management of Social Security, the Top 100 Counties (Cities) in National Science and Technology Strength, National Cultural Advanced Counties (Cities), China s Excellent Tourism Cities, and County-level Historical Culture Famous cities, advanced cities in the construction of civilized cities in the province, pacesetters in provinces, advanced green cities in the province, and top ten cities in the province.

Luo a City is a famous city with a long history and rich cultural heritage. In 1115, the outstanding Jurchen leader Wan Yan Aguda established the prestigious Daikin Empire here. There have been many outstanding historical figures here, many major events that have influenced the course of Chinese history, and relics that have been preserved for a long time.

A City, the beautiful Pearl River City of Longjiang Tourism. Within the radius of the best touristic area around Harbin, there are many cultural and natural landscapes. Here are the national key cultural relics protection units located at 2 kilometers south of the city—Jinshangjing Huiningfu Ruins; Songfeng Mountain, the earliest Taoist sacred place in the northeast; Xiquanyan Reservoir and Jinquan National Forest Park; Enclosed hunting grounds-Yuquan Hunting Ground, Jinyuan Cultural Tourism Area, Xiquanyan Reservoir, Weiquan Mountain Forest Park in Yuquan, Songfeng Mountain and other tourist attractions.

[Jinjing Building] is located in the city center of Acheng, at the intersection of Jiefang Street and Yanchuan Street. The modern hotel, which is based on the Grain General Corporation as the main investment body and designed as a three-star tourism-related foreign hotel, was approved for construction by the Afghan Urban Planning Commission. A total investment of 80 million yuan, a total of 17 floors, a total construction area of ​​22,300 square meters, modern appearance, novel and chic, magnificent.

Chao a City is located 23 kilometers southeast of Harbin, on the golden tourist route from Harbin to Mudanjiang. Acheng has well-developed transportation. Several national roads and provincial roads such as National Highway 301, Hatong (Tongjiang), and Hawu (Five Permanent) pass through. The Binsui Railway runs east-west, with 13 second- and third-level railway stations and 22 special railway lines, forming the artery of Acheng s economic development. It is only 50 kilometers from Harbin Airport. The tourist area has good accessibility.

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