About Huayan Cave Tourism

Huayan Cave is located in Henggai Mountain, Chiyun District, Shiyang Town, 56 kilometers southeast of Anyue County. The cliff statues here are carved in the Northern Song Dynasty. There are 159 statues in the two large caves of Huayan Cave and Daprajo Cave . There are 24 inscriptions on the inscriptions in the past, beautifully carved, large-scale and well-preserved. The People s Government of Sichuan Province announced Huayan Cave as a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit in 1961.

The square flat roof of Huayan Cave is 6.2 meters high, 10 meters wide, and 11.3 meters deep. The top of the cave is engraved with a huge 唵 character. In the middle of the back wall of the cave are three Huayan Three Saints with a height of 5.2 meters. For the day of the sun, the statue is 3 meters high and 2.2 meters high. It wears a flower crown. The crown is carved with a willow statue. Dairi Rulai was wearing a cricket, eyes opened slightly, his expression was serious, Shi Zhi printed all his hands, sitting on the lotus platform. Manjushri Bodhisattva lived on the left of the big day, straddling the green lion, his right leg was bent, and his left leg was on the lotus. The Puxian Bodhisattva rides a white elephant and lives on the right side of the big day, with his left leg bent and the lotus leg placed on his right leg. The statue has a strong sense of symmetry, and the main and subordinates are clear. The left and right walls are engraved with 5 round visions with a height of 4.1 meters, also known as the top ten disciples. Above the walls of the left and right caves are also engraved with fifty-three reference pictures of children of good fortune, pavilions and pagodas.

The Great Prajna Cave is 4.2 meters high, 4.2 meters wide, and 4.8 meters deep. The main image of the main wall is the sitting Buddha Shakyabha, 2.3 meters high, with a snail head, wearing a cymbal, full body, eyes wide open . On his left and right are the top ten disciples of Laojun, Confucius, Wei Tuo, Wenshu and Buddhism. The two walls are divided into three layers: the top ten are the top ten Buddhist boys, the middle is the twenty-four days of Taoism, and the bottom is the eighteen arhats of Buddhism. The top of the hole is engraved side by side with two human characters with a diameter of 2.2 meters. Local legend: The two characters are upside down, who knows is the living god. But to this day, no one has recognized the word. The forehead of the hole is engraved with the words Da Prajna-dong , as well as The Book of the Four Years of Gengzi in Jiaxi (1240 AD) and the signed Zhao Yin Cunquan Book . It can be seen from the Makeup Merit carved on the left wall of the cave t hat the cave is a carved remains left in the Southern Song Dynasty.

The stone carvings of Yanhua Cave are a combination of dynamic and static, with different looks, exquisite ideas, reasonable layout, exquisite carvings, and ingenious craftsmanship. They are the essence of stone carving art.

There are a few private shops in Shishiyang Town. If you want to find a home that is slightly better, you can only go to Anyue County, which is more than 50 kilometers away. The three-star Anyue Hotel in Anyue County is the highest -grade hotel near Huayan Cave.

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