A must buy when traveling to China

This trip to XX ~ what should I buy?. When traveling overseas, buying souvenirs for the seven aunts and eight aunts at home is really a horrifying thing ~ so is the trip to China. If you plan to travel to China, you can refer to the following China travel There are 6 products with high cost performance in the list.

China deserves to be a big country of tea culture, with a wide variety of teas.

The typical Chinese traditional teas are Pu er tea, oolong tea, black tea and Tieguanyin.

China In China, almost every place has its own specialty wine, and the types of wine are really very diverse.

There are well-known distilled spirits-white wine (sorghum), brewed wine-rice wine, etc.

In the local supermarket, you can buy local traditional wine at a low price!

Recently, the representative Chinese food hotpot that has swooshed in South Korea

If you like hot pot, I recommend you buy commercially available hot pot soup at your local supermarket

As long as you add water to boil, you can easily reproduce the hot pot soup base at home.

Tip: It would be even more delicious if you also bought the mash sauce dipped in it.

Zero China s representative nationals

There are many flavors to choose from, such as almond flavor, crab flavor, and caramel flavor.

Especially suitable for beer snacks!

China s Magic Hot Dog

Hot dogs have corn kernels from time to time ~

Sweet and salty taste is addictive! !!

And the price is very cheap ~

Compared to price and superior performance, Xiaomi is said to be the fault of the mainland

Famous for power bank, earphone, Xiaomi watch, weight scale and more!

A satisfying shopping experience is also part of the happy journey!

When you finish your trip in China, you can stop worrying about bringing gifts to your family or friends ~

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