4A-level attractions: Shidu Scenic Spot

The name of Shidu: From Zhangfang to Pingyu s Juma River valley, the tributary of Juma River, which is a tributary of the Daqing River, meanders and forms ten ferries with unique landscapes, hence the name Shidu.

Luo Shidu is the only natural scenic area in North China that is characterized by karst peak forests and river valley landforms, and is known as the northern Guilin. The cliffs on both sides are continuous, and the peaks are beautiful. The reflection of the water shows the ridges and crests of mountains and rivers. The landscape is beautiful and magnificent. It is known as the Forty Mile Gallery. The water of Juma River is crystal clear, and the beach is full of fine sand. It is an excellent natural bathing place in summer.

There are more than 20 main scenic spots in Luo Shidu. Yidu is located at the east end of Zhangfang, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and there are water casinos; downstream from Erdu to Liudu, the mountains are steep, and the main landscapes include thousand-foot windows, Bijiashan, Chaohuishan, and Tashanxian Pond, Niuying Cave, Wuzhishan, Frogmouth Stone, Tongtian Cave, Wangyue Peak, Pingxi Martyrs Cemetery, Six Heroes Memorial, etc. Liudu has natural baths; Qidu to Shidu have the best scenery. Qifeng Xiushui here is endless and beautiful. Famous landscapes include Shiren Peak, Bat Mountain, Longshan Giant Buddha, Shimen, Stick Mall, and Diving Platform. There is Tongtian Cave in Shidu. The monument is engraved with Tongtian Cave. The cave of Tongtian Cave is more than 10 meters long, and the handwriting of ancient literati Moker is left on the stone wall.

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