The scenery of Guilin is in the world, the scenery of Lijiang River is in Xingping, Yangdi to Xingping is the most beautiful section of Lijiang River. The Lijiang River is a relatively mature route. The whole journey is about 15 kilometers, and it takes about 5-6 hours to walk.Read More →

The Huyu Natural Scenic Area is located 9 kilometers northwest of Changping County, Beijing, and on the north side of the Badaling Expressway. There are natural and human landscapes such as Huyugou, Baixian Shendong, Queeryu, and physical fitness training base. Beautiful gorge, a road leading to the virgin forest, flankedRead More →

The coastline of Heishijiao Scenic Area is tortuous and variable. The black karst landscape, which was formed about 1 billion years ago, is spread all over the headland. The black reefs are hidden or looming on the water surface at high tide, mysterious and unpredictable , and stand on theRead More →

Guifeng Scenic Area is a national-level scenic area and a national 4A-level tourist area. It is located in the hometown of Martyr Fang Zhimin, a great proletarian revolutionary, in Liyang County. It is located in Three Mountains, One Capital and One Village (Sanqing Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Wuyi Mountain, Jingdezhen, Wuyuan)Read More →

Owning nature s axe and magic, but raised in the mountains . Sau Nao Baijiang Lake Forest Park in Zengcheng is expected to become a new place for citizens to travel during the year. Baijianghu Forest Park is probably the most suitable location for tracing in Guangzhou. Cangnao Baijianghu ForestRead More →

The Songyaluo (Songshan, Kaifeng, Luoyang) area is a well-known ancient cultural tourism area in China, and it is also the main tourism signboard of Henan Province. The scenery here is pleasant, the cultural relics and historical sites are numerous, and the cultural heritage is profound. For tourists who love ChineseRead More →