The Dahantai Western Han Tomb Museum in Beijing is a unique museum of the emperor s mausoleum. It was built on the original underground palace of Liu Jian (73-45 BC) in the Western Han Dynasty over 2,000 years ago. Of. Located in Fengtai District, Beijing, adjacent to Beijing World Park.Read More →

The big banyan tree of Yangshuo (the millennium ancient banyan tree) is located in the Lijiang Scenic Area, and is named the ancient banyan through the rocks. Best place for rural scenery. 7.5 km south of Yangshuo, the south bank of Jinbao River in Chuanyan Village, Gaotian Township, has anRead More →

For the Naxi people, Beiyue Temple is the most important temple, and it is dedicated to the three protectors of the Naxi tribe, the Three Gods. It was built in the Tang Dynasty and is the earliest temple in Lijiang. It was expanded and rebuilt at least nine times. TheRead More →

Overlooking from the curved coastline that stretches for 2 kilometers, the Huangpu River, the Yangtze River, and the East China Sea meet in front of each other; the depth of nearly 600 acres of original ecological forests and landscape wetlands, and the specially designed wooden walkway can not be seenRead More →

  Dali is a very beautiful and charming ancient city. Her scenery can be summarized in four words: Fenghua Xueyue, that is, Xiaguan Feng, Shangguan Flowers, Cangshan Snow, Erhaiyue, which is Dali s famous four scenes.   Dali still retains the ancient city walls, walking along the city walls step by step,Read More →