Five dimensions of tourism population, tourism revenue, proportion of tourism industry, transportation convenience and tourism infrastructure of cities above prefecture level in mainland China are used to comprehensively measure the development degree of tourism industry of each city, and then the 2019 China tourism city list is compiled. Looking atRead More →

There are various and charming national festivals and festivals in Sichuan. There are more than 100 spring festival activities around temple fairs, lantern fairs, praying, and art performances in Sichuan Province. 2019 Sichuan ice and snow and hot spring festival, Xiling Snow Mountain South Country ice and Snow Festival, DujiangyanRead More →

Dark Tourism refers to the phenomenon of people traveling to places of death, disaster, suffering, horror, or tragedy. In recent years, black tourism is a hot research field in foreign countries, especially in North America, and it is also a controversial field. The so-called “black tourism” takes coal mines asRead More →

Ecological civilization city is a new concept leading urban development. Tourism is a resource-saving and environment-friendly industry, which has important practical significance for the study of the coupling relationship and coordinated development between tourism industry and ecological civilization city. This paper analyzes the mechanism of the coupling and coordination betweenRead More →