2019 China’s most developed cities ranking

Five dimensions of tourism population, tourism revenue, proportion of tourism industry, transportation convenience and tourism infrastructure of cities above prefecture level in mainland China are used to comprehensively measure the development degree of tourism industry of each city, and then the 2019 China tourism city list is compiled.
Looking at the list, Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai ranked in the top three for three consecutive years. No matter from the perspective of the number of tourists, tourism revenue, or from the perspective of traffic convenience and tourism infrastructure, these three cities are all top three.
In 2018, Shanghai’s total tourism revenue reached 509.232 billion yuan, accounting for 15.58% of GDP. Compared with last year, Guangzhou and Tianjin still rank fourth and fifth. In 2018, the total number of tourists in Guangzhou and Tianjin was 223 million and 229 million respectively, and the total tourism revenue was 400.819 billion yuan and 391.615 billion yuan, all of which were similar
Summer goes to autumn to welcome the national day and spend seven days sightseeing. It’s a good time to go out. It’s a cool autumn. Let’s pack our bags, put down our impatience, go across the mountains, rivers and oceans, and feel the most beautiful autumn together. List of the most developed cities in China’s tourism industry in 2019: Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai are listed continuously

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