Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The lifeless body of Emmanuel Maya, a surviving victim of the Bakweri Town shooting of Monday, found in HYSACAM's thrash basin along the Muea- Ekona road

The remains of Emmanuel Maya, the only surviving victim of the Monday July 30th shooting in Buea has been found in an Hysacam thrash basin along the Muea Ekona road. 

Emmanuel was shot on the leg, alongside his elder brother Mbami Nagetive, who died on the spot with three other victims, including upcoming artist Tzey Unstoppable
Mbami Nagetive
The miliary took him away together with some of those who freely surrendered to an unknown direction, until news of his death hit the neighborhood this morning.

Our source say his family went to identify and clean his body, but all were arrested.

But what actually happened on that black Monday?
According to a close source who spoke to this reporter, the guys had gathered in their numbers at their weed joint, around the Frankfils School in Bakweri Town - Buea, to smoke weed as usual. It was a ghost town day, when surprisingly the military appeared from no where and asked them to surrender. 

Few of them obeyed the order and surrendered, while the others tried to to escape, but were brought down by raining bullets.

Four died on the spot. One other guy who is popularly known as Njacata was shot in the buttocks, and was carried to a Health Center at Bakweri Town, where the unit declared its incapabilities of treating him. 

He was transfered to the 7 Days Adventist Hospital, where he was responding to treatment, until the white physician who was treating him, called the military, and  they came and bundled him to an unknown destination. Those who carried him, ran for their lives in all directions, when the military arrived the hospital.

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