Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Samuel Eto'o Fils' Luxury Mansion allegedly seized and auctionned in Italy because of unpaid debts

Various Italian media sources are reporting that the luxury mansion of goleador Samuel Eto'o Fils in Italy has been seized and auctioned because of unpaid debts to an Italian bank.
The house was allegedly auctioned for 3.2 million Euros, equivalent to 2.5 Billion F CFA.
In 2010, while he was playing for Inter Milan, he earned 10.5 million Euros. He bought three  apartments for a figure close to what he was making. Eto’o then went to Russia to make even more money. 

After leaving Sampdoria and Italy, however, he was not attentive to his real estate investment and everything went down hill from there.
In 2016, foreclosure arrived. The apartment then was auctioned, photos and floor plans published on the court website and a few days ago, it was sold for 3.2 million.

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