Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Mysterious extra generous client pays bills of dozen of other clients at the Dovv SuperMarket Essos Yaounde, and everyone came demanding their shares

The Dovv Supermarket at the Mobil Essos Yaounde neighbourhood today Wednesday August 1, 2018 registered an unusual chaotic situation, after hundreds of August visitors crowded their premises,   to have a share of their own christmas cake, offered by an extra generous mysterious female client decided to pay the bills of a dozen of other clients.

According to a press release from the Supermarket explaining the situation, a lady who came shopping with her young son got to the counter, and paid her bill worth 114 000F CFA(One Hundred and fourteen thousand francs). When she finished, she looked behind and offered to pay the bills of everyone who was on the queue behind her.

The lucky beneficiaries of her goodwill  left the supermarket excited, and spread the news as far and wide as they could.

Social media took over, everyone in Yaounde rushed to the supermarket to get their own share of the Christmas cake in August. Unfortunately, the lady had exhausted what she had to offer, but the population tripled, others demanding to see the lady, while others thought she had a tree she was pucking money from, and wanted their share by hook or by crook.

Not able to bring the crowd to order, the management of the supermaket called the forces of law and order, who came and took the lady and her son together with her husband who had been called on phone when the crowd became over demanding to safetyat their office.

It took the forces of law and order time and energy, to be able to disperse the excited and curious crowd, and to bring the supermarket back to the normal 37 degree.

It is not clear who the lady is, and why she decided to carry out charity in a supermarket, where even the high and mighty shop.

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